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Many students face the C# problems while studying the programming languages. They try to solve all of them themselves but at the end they usually come to grief. They have more and more C# questions left without an answer. That’s the moment when the best thing to do is to address your C# problems to our helping center and finally calm down. We will provide you with the C# answers in the shortest period of time and promise that they will be of the highest quality. Don’t be in despair anymore – let us find solutions for your C# problems!

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A key requirement in Visual Studio.NET is the setting of assembly
I want to have a simple code that demonstrtes hasch table and its concept.
if the weight of the luggage is a fractional number. Help the development team modify the code snippet so that the cost of carrying additional luggage is calculated correctly
The development team of SoftSols Inc. has revamped the software according to the requirements of FlyHigh Airlines and is in the process of testing the software. While testing the software, the team encounters the following issues: The operations-related data of FlyHigh Airlines is stored in a central database. The software fails to respond to user inputs, if there is a connectivity problem with the database. Add the code snippet that the development team should use to ensure that the application shows a userfriendly message, if such a situation arises in future.[5 Marks] The application used to calculate the cost of carrying additional luggage results in erroneous amount, if the weight of the luggage is a fractional number. Help the development team modify the code snippet so that the cost of carrying additional luggage is calculated correctly. [5 Marks]
17. A book shop maintains the inventory of books that are being sold at the shop. The list includes details such as author, title, price, publisher and stock position. Whenever a customer wants a book, the sales person inputs the title and the author and the system searches the list and displays whether it is available or not. If it is not, an appropriate message is displayed. If it is, then the system displays the book details and requests for the number of copies required. If the requested copies are available, the total cost is displayed; otherwise the message “Insufficient Stock” is displayed.
Design a system using a class called Books with suitable members
Explain any three features that must be implemented by the application that will be created by WebSoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Support your answer with suitable examples. Relate the features with the real life scenarios.
Worker A can do a job in 15 days while worker B can do the same job in 20 days. Write a program to calculate the total number of days required to finish the work if both the workers work simultaneously.
How to send and receive SMS automatically using Visual C#?
Develop a program that accepts a deposit amount and period of deposit. Calculate the maturity amount after the period of deposit. The bank pays 4% interest per year for any deposits made in the bank.
Create an application that determines the total due including VAT and shipping. Allow the user to input any number of the items. VAT 7% is charged against all total purchases. Sfipping charges can be determined from the following chart. Display an itemized summary containing the total purchase charge, VAT amount, shipping charge and grand total. using C#
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