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Other Physics – Q&A


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The advantage of potentiometer over voltmeter in measurements of emf is that

the potentiometer wire is assumed to be uniform
it does not draw current from the circuit under test
the temperature of the wire must remain constant
faults may arise due to breaks or wrong connections in the circuit
Which of these is not a useful precaution in an electrical experiment?

key should be removed between readings to avoid battery run-down
jockeys should be dragged on resistance wires
the connections in the circuit should be tight
readings should be recorded as soon as they are obtained
The lens of the human eye is

Which of the following precautions is NOT applicable to experiment involving planoconvex lens?

planoconvex lens should have small focal length
parallax error should be avoided
the surface of the lens should be cleaned properly
the tip of the optical pin should be at the same level with the principal axis of the lens
A glass prism of refracting angle 60 degrees gives a minimum deviation of 47degrees. What is the refractive index of the glass?

Which of the following is not true about diverging lens.

the principal focus is positive
the principal focus is negative
they produce virtual images only
they form virtual, erect and smaller images of real object
In an experiment to determine the focal length of a convex lens, 1/u (cm−1) was plotted on horizontal and 1/v (cm−1) on the vertical axis, where u and v have their usual meaning. What is the physical significance of the reciprocal of the intercept on the horizontal axis?

linear magnification
focal length
object distance
image distance
In practical experiment inloving the use of optical pins, parallax is reduced or removed if on slightly displacing one's eye from side to side.

the object and image are not coincident but move together in same directions
the object and image move in opposite directions relative to each other
the object and image are coincident and move together in the same direction
the object and image are coincident and remain stationary
In an experiment with a concave mirror, the image of an optical pin which is 4 times its size was cast on on a screen 6m from the object pin. How far from the object pin should the mirror be placed?

The image of an object which is between the concave mirror's reflecting surface and its principal focus is.

in front of the mirror erect real and diminished
behind the mirror inverted real and diminished
in front of the mirror erect virtual and enlarged
behind the mirror erect virtual and enlarged
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