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A bucket of oil is released at the top of a building to hit a person. The mass of the bucket with the oil is 2.5kg and it is attached to a massless string that is wrapped around a cylindrical drum. As the bucket falls, the drum rotates and you may assume that there is no slippage. If the drum has a radius of .85m and a mass of 12.5kg,what is the angular speed of the drum after the oil has fallen a distance of 4.5m? Use the conservation of energy.
A rotating large stone wheel may be used to sharpen knives. The wheel may be thought of as a cylindrical disc with a radius of .375m. A constant tangential force of 275N causes the wheel to have an angular acceleration of .85 radians per second. What is the mass of the wheel?
if any of the components of a vector is non-zero, then can the vector be zero??
Can a vector with zero magnitude have one or more components that are nonzero?
Can a vector have a component equal to zero and still have a nonzero magnitude?
if the each and every components of a vector are nonzero, then can the vector be zero???
the nozzle is replaced with a Y-shaped fitting that split the flow in half. garden hose are connected to each end of the Y, with each hose having a 0.400 cm squared nozzle.

a) how fast does the water come out of one of the nozzle?
b) how far would one of the nozzle squirt water if both were operated simultaneously and held horizontally 1.00m off the ground.
If 'u'is the instantenious velocity of particle and 'v' is the velocity of wave then
1)' u' is perpendicular to 'v'
2)'u' is parallel to ' v'.
3)|u| is equal to |v|
4)|u|=(slope of wave from)|v|.
A car travels 10 km in half an hour. What is its speed?
Two cars are driving at the same constant speed v around a racetrack. However, they are traveling through turns that have different radii, as shown in the drawing. Which statement is true about the magnitude of the centripetal acceleration of each car?
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