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37. The Heldrich Center for Workforce Development found that 40% of Internet users received
more than 10 e-mail messages per day. A similar study on the use of e-mail was repeated in
A. Formulate the hypotheses that can be used to determine whether the proportion of Internet
users receiving more than 10 e-mail messages per day increased.
B. If a sample of 425 Internet users found 189 receiving more than 10 e-mail messages per day,
compute the test statistic
C. Compute the p value for the test statistic
D. At a = 0.5, what is your conclusion about the hypotheses?
E. state the conclusion within the context of the problem.

38. Five years ago the average size of farms in a state was 160 acres. from a recent survey of 27 farms, the mean and standard deviation were found to be 180 and 36 acres, respectively. Is there strong evidence that the average farm size is larger than what is was 5 years ago?
Consider two ships which are joined by a cable attached to each ship at the water line. Suppose the two ships are 200 metres apart, with the cable stretched tight and attached to a pulley which is anchored halfway between the ships at a depth of 45 metres. If one ship moves away from the other at 3 km/h,how quickly is the other ship moving after one minute?
use the half angle formula to find the exact value of sin15 degree
write the expression as the sine of a double angle and find the exact value
2sin15 degree cos 15 degree
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The question is the following: Let f have a jump discontinuity at x0. Show that if x1, x2, ... is any sequence of points in the domain of f converging to x0, with no xj equal to x0, then the sequence f(x1), f(x2),... has at most two limit points.
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ţ_n = ∑_(i=0)^n▒T_i
Find PDF (probability density function) of ţ_n

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I am writing my research proposal and am trying to workout which statistical test I need to use.
Firstly I need to know which type of data it is. So the results will be from questionnaires with likert scales which I understand is ordinal data. However I will only be analysing the sum-scores of the data which are transformed to scoring of 0-100.
So what type of data would this be if its 0-100?
Thanks in advance for your help.
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Pam and sipho are playing cards. They take it in turns to remove one, two or three cards from the pack, they may remove the same number of cards as the previous player. For example, if pam removes three cards then sipho can only remove one or three cards and so on. The winner of the game is the person who takes either the last card, or leaves the other player with no valid moves. For the investigation suppose that pam always starts first and both pam and sipho play to win. Answer the following questions: (a) investigate who would win if the pack of cards has as many as 13 cards in it. (B) who would win with a pack of 15cards? Explain fully. (C) who would win with a pack of 16cards? (D) who would win if sipho and pam play with a full pack of 52, or even 99 cards?
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If abcde is a parallelogram then proove that ar(acd)+ar(bcd).
You roll two dice, one green and one red. What is the probability that the product of the numbers rolled is greater than 23?
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