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Management Questions and Answers


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Tamparuli Inc. has a total equity of RM560,000; sales of RM2,250,000; total assets of RM995,000; and current liabilities of RM310,000. What is Tamparuli Inc.'s debt ratio?

There is nothing like a service system or a manufacturing system. In reality there is continuum between these two extremes. Comment on these statement.
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What is the relevance of quality in today's competitive scenario? Was it any different during the seventies and eighties?
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Is layout design for a service organisation any different from that of a manufacturing organisation? Explain your answer.
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Explain how forecasting helps an organisation to handle uncertainties.
Should forecasts be stable or responsive? Why?
Briefly explain the term internationalization of a firms value chain?
Explain some of the limitations of early trade theories
Explain the term"internationalization of firms value chain"?

Question 1

a). A company is considering the following investment projects.
Cash flows in Kes

Project Initial Outlay C1 C2
A (10,000) 10,000
B (10,000) 7,500 7,500 12,000
C (10,000) 2,000 4,000 3000
D (10,000) 10,000 3,000 3,000


Rank the projects according to:
i. Payback period (1 Marks)
ii. Accounting rate of return (1 Marks)
iii. Internal Rate of Return (2 Marks)
iv. Profitability Index (1 Marks)
v .Net present value (2 Marks)

Question 2.
a).The following is a summary of the financial statements of Hugo’s company Ltd.
Summary of financial statements
Balance sheet
Kes ‘000 Kes’000s
Non current assets
Buildings at cost 300
Less depreciation to date (255)
Equipment at cost 140
Less depreciation to date (119)
Current assets
Inventory 200
Accounts receivable 205
Bank 4
Total assets 475
Current liabilities
Accounts payable (245)
Net assets 230
Financed by:
Capital accounts
Balance at start of year 240
Add net profit 60
Less drawings (70)
Income statements
Sales 1,800
Less :Cost of goods sold 300
Opening inventory 1,300
Less closing inventory (200)
Gross profit 400
Less depreciation 22
Other expenses 318
Net profit 60
Calculate the following ratios:
i. Gross profit Margin. (1 Marks)
ii. Net profit Margin (1 Marks)
iii. Expenses as a % of revenue (1 Marks)
iv. Inventory turnover (1 Marks)
v. Return on capital employed (1 Marks)
vi. Current ratio (1 Marks)
vii. Acid test ratio (1 Marks)
viii. Accounts receivables ratio (1Marks)

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