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1. Who are the stakeholders for a decision making process of a small business?
2. How do we make contact with those identified above and develop business relationships?
Calculate on the basis of mortality table given below.Net annual premium at 5% rate of interest for a five years term insurance for $1000 effective at the age of 60 years:-
Age -------Number of Living --------Number of Dying
60 1000 20
61 980 2
62 958 25
63 933 33
64 900 40
65 860 45
Identify important behavioural, political, ethical, and social responsibility considerations in strategy analysis and choice
Identify important behavioral, political, ethical and social responsibility considerations in strategy analysis and choice.
What are the business benefits of analyzing customer purchase data and constructing behavioral profiles? How do information systems help to achieve this?
What are the characteristics of effective Oral Reports?
What are the elements of persuasive messages? Please write the three-step writing process for persuasive messages?

Define an Oral Report. What are the characteristics of effective Oral Reports?
Explain the causes of miscommunication at organizational levels.
Discuss the concept of AIDA.
Discuss the different modes of entries, and their advantages?
Is building of malls (e.g. shopping malls) beneficial to a country?
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