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what three of the current trends and issues facing managers and explain how Starbucks might be impacted. What might be the implications for first-line managers? Middle managers? Top managers? please explain with more detail one by one, implications for first-line manager, implications for middle manager, and implications for top manager. tq
What are the competition between American Firm VS Local Firm (Singapore) ?
Identify and explain any 4 advantages and disadvantages ?
Identify and explain what is the :
(1) Foreign Direct Investment (Inward)
(2) Foreign Direct Investment (outward)

And what are the function of:
(1) International Enterprise Singapore (IES)
(2) Trade Development Board (TDB)

Please explain and think about this :
(1) If someone bring the business in , what we can offer them?
(FDI Inwards - TDB)
(2) If we are bring the Singapore company to overseas, what we can be help them ?
(FDI outward - IES)

Identify , Explain, Give some key points
What are the challenges faced in business in overseas
(identify and explain any 4)
exp: Political risks ........
1. Do you think the example of Maktoob can be repeated in the Arab world? Can locally grown Arab companies become attractive to global industry giants or was Maktoob an exception?
2. What does it take, in your opinion, for the Arab employee to join the global work community? What skills and traits need to be developed?
3. Do some research on Yahoo’s acquisition of Maktoob. What lessons can be learned?
Source: R. Abdelkader, “Meet the Chief Yahoo! Of the Arab World”, Dinar Standard, 5 October 2010; information from company website, About Us, Yahoo!Maktoob online,
Q.1 Job design can effect the motivational level of employees.
(A) Discuss the motivational implications of a job which provide autonomy and personal responsibility to the employee.
(B) Discuss the motivational implication of a job involves not much significant task.
Describe three schools of thought in management and organisation theory
Infotech Enterprises Ltd has 4000 employees and wishes to develop a compensation policy in all its divisons (engineering design services, geographical information systems, software development services) to correspond to its dynamic business strategy. The company wishes to employee a high quality workforce capable of responding to a competitive business environment. Suggest different compensation objectives to match Infotech's business goals?
You area small business owner wishing to establish a benefit program for your employees what things should you consider to ensure that a program is a success for your employees.
What are the characteristics of each of the following pairs of cultural characteristics derived from Trompenaar's research: universalism vs. particularism, neutral vs. emotional, specific vs. diffuse, achievement vs. ascription? Compare and contrast each pair.