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What are the competition between American Firm VS Local Firm (Singapore) ?
Identify and explain any 4 advantages and disadvantages ?
Identify and explain what is the :
(1) Foreign Direct Investment (Inward)
(2) Foreign Direct Investment (outward)

And what are the function of:
(1) International Enterprise Singapore (IES)
(2) Trade Development Board (TDB)

Please explain and think about this :
(1) If someone bring the business in , what we can offer them?
(FDI Inwards - TDB)
(2) If we are bring the Singapore company to overseas, what we can be help them ?
(FDI outward - IES)

Identify , Explain, Give some key points
What are the challenges faced in business in overseas
(identify and explain any 4)
exp: Political risks ........
Describe three schools of thought in management and organisation theory
Explain the causes of miscommunication at organizational levels.
Write short notes on: Selection test and Interviews
1. Who are the stakeholders for a decision making process of a small business?
2. How do we make contact with those identified above and develop business relationships?
Calculate on the basis of mortality table given below.Net annual premium at 5% rate of interest for a five years term insurance for $1000 effective at the age of 60 years:-
Age -------Number of Living --------Number of Dying
60 1000 20
61 980 2
62 958 25
63 933 33
64 900 40
65 860 45
list the advantages and disadvantages of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
Briefly discuss the enterprise functions/activities linked to enterprise resource planning