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Other Biology – Q&A


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Indicate with YES which of the following are secreted by the endocrine pancreas:
a. oxytocin
b. calcitonin
c. somatostatin
d. glucose
e. trypsin

Which of the following is true and which false
a. Glukinase has a much lower affinity for glucose than does hexokinase True
b. The beta cells of the pancreas normally have a high level of glucose
c. The beta cells of the pancreas secrete their hormone when potassium channels open
d. Hexokinase in the muscle is only activated when plasma glucose levels exceed 5 mM

Which of the following is true about RAS
a. It binds tightly to ADP
b. It is an ATP ase
c. When activated it binds to RAF
d. It is involved in the metabolic actions of insulin
e. It is frequently inactivated in cancer

Suppose you count tobacco seelings in six agar plates, and your data are as follows:125 green plants and 39 white plants. What is the phenotypic ratio?
sexual reproduction and meiosis generates genetic variety by:
Random fertilization?
Independent assortment?
Crossing over?
All of the above or none of the above?
What is the typical mammal? Breifly explain about cranial nerves
does photosynthesis take place in water melon outer green covering
What is the reason behind having different lengths of right and left foot? Is it connected to genetics?
Conditions that have a decrease in hemoglobin levels in the blood can be coded to what chapter
what should happen if an enyme is used to hydrolyze and dissolve pectin from plant
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in animal cells what should happen if an enzyme is used to hydrolyze and disslove integrin
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We are working with C. elegans in biology lab. I know that they use chemosensory neurons to detect chemotaxis in food. When you use E. coli OP50 strain (normal feeding bacteria), what chemical trace does the E. coli emit to attract C. elegans?
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