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Other Biology – Q&A


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At what stage, aninmals have differentiation of organ formation? Explain the process of the differentiation and organ formation!
how a uniform distribution differs from a random distribution
why we feel relax by air of fan? i want a biological answer..
is SCID a gender specific? Is SCID an age specific? im having trouble finding answers to this questions. Can anyone give me the link to where found the answer, so that i can look in that website?
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What is Bowman's capsule in rabbit?
1) tracheal gill is found in------

a) limulus or king carb b) mosquito larva c) fish d) salamander

2) the mammalian nerve cell always found in----

a) g2 stage b) g1 stage c) g0 stage d) m stage
1. Which of the following statements is true
a. STATs are steroid hormones
b. STATs are signal transducers of steroid hormones
c. STATs are secreted by cells and interact with receptors on the cell surface
d. STATs are secreted by the exocrine pancreas

2. Which of the following statements is true
a. Metabolic signaling of Insulin
b. Proliferative signaling of insulin
c. Release of glucocorticoids from the adrenal cortex

3. Which of the following statements is TRUE indicate with T
a. Blood pressure is proportional to the amount of water in the circulatory system
b. High Blood pressure can lead to hemorrhage and strokes
c. Extracellular water is normally controlled by the amount of potassium in the extracellular space
d. If you drink a liter of water, urine production is influenced by the amount of salt you consume
e. If the blood concentration of salts is too high water needs to be taken back up in the kidneys
Match 1-6 with below answers.
1. High Plasma soidum
2. High Plasma potassium
3. Low blood volume
4. high blood pressure
5. durg used to treat high blood pressure
6. thirst

Answer box:
Increase vasopressin
Inhibits ACE
increase angiotensiongen
increase aldosterone
atrial naturitic factor

Question 2:
Low blood pressure causes the juxtaglomerular cells of the kidney to secrete?

Question 3:
Angiotensin II has several activities which act to do what to blood pressure?

Question 4
Angiotensis II does what to arterioles?

Question 5:
Angiotensis 1 is synthesized in?

Question 6: What is the enzyme which allows the mineralcorticoid receptor to avoid activation by glucocorticoids?

Question 7:
What is the name the endocrine part of the pancreas
Indicate with YES which of the following are secreted by the endocrine pancreas:
a. oxytocin
b. calcitonin
c. somatostatin
d. glucose
e. trypsin

Which of the following is true and which false
a. Glukinase has a much lower affinity for glucose than does hexokinase True
b. The beta cells of the pancreas normally have a high level of glucose
c. The beta cells of the pancreas secrete their hormone when potassium channels open
d. Hexokinase in the muscle is only activated when plasma glucose levels exceed 5 mM

Which of the following is true about RAS
a. It binds tightly to ADP
b. It is an ATP ase
c. When activated it binds to RAF
d. It is involved in the metabolic actions of insulin
e. It is frequently inactivated in cancer

Suppose you count tobacco seelings in six agar plates, and your data are as follows:125 green plants and 39 white plants. What is the phenotypic ratio?
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