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Other Biology – Q&A


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We are working with C. elegans in biology lab. I know that they use chemosensory neurons to detect chemotaxis in food. When you use E. coli OP50 strain (normal feeding bacteria), what chemical trace does the E. coli emit to attract C. elegans?
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why cryptorchidism condition leads to,why other ways are performed.
how the structure of plant help plant to Photosynthesis?
Stems above the ground are called ______
Compare and contrast the Mendelian and non-Mendelian patterns of inheritance. Describe what you believe is the most significant difference, and explain why.
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Can keeping animal's captive in zoo be justified in terms of preserving biodiversity?
is the finger prints of twins are same?
which part of the brain controls respiration process?also heart beat and peristalsis?
How does blood move from lower parts of your body to heart against the force
of gravity ?
name the type of immunity provided by vaccines&colostrum in human being .mention one difference between them?
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I was quite happy. The first delivery didn't reach me, but your team worked quickly to make sure I could download the work. Thanks!
DixonMike on April 2013
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