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1. Assume that hot dogs come in packages of 10, and hot dog buns come in packages of 8. Write a program called cookout.js, that calculates the number of packages of hot dogs and the number of packages of hot dog buns needed for a cookout, with the minimum amount of leftovers. The program should assume there will be 525 people attending the cookout and each person will eat 3 hot dogs. The program should display the following details.

The minimum number of packages of hot dogs required.

The minimum number of packages of hot dog buns required.

The number of hot dogs that will be left over.

The number of hot dog buns that will be left over.
The depth (D metres) of water in a harbour at a time (t hours) after midnight on a particular day can be modelled by the function
D = 2 times sin times ( 0.51 times t minus 0.4 ) + 5 , em space times t less-than-or-equal 15 ,
where radians have been used.
Select the two options which are correct statements about the predictions based on this model.

Select one or more:
The largest depth is 7 metres.
At midnight the depth is approximately 4.2 metres.
The depth of water in the harbour falls after midnight. 
The model can be used to predict the tide for up to 15 days. 
The time between the two high tides is exactly 12 hours. 
At midday the depth is approximately 7 metres. 
The smallest depth is 5 metres. 
What is the gradient of a line that has an angle of inclination of 50°?

Enter your answer, rounded to 4 significant figures,
Which angle between 0° and 360° has the same cosine as the angle 63°?

Enter your answer as an integer
The following equation has a positive and a negative solution.
( v minus 3 over v minus 1 ) = ( 2 over v + 2 )
Solve the equation and enter the positive solution in the box below (as an integer or rounded to one decimal place as appropriate).
The chance of getting a particular disease sometime during your lifetime is estimated at 1 in 25.
Smoking increases the risk of developing the disease during your lifetime by 10%.
How many people out of a group of 1000 smokers would you expect to get the disease sometime during their lifetime?
Enter your answer as a whole
In one country during one year, 796613 women gave birth. Of these women, 3344 gave birth to identical twins. Use these data to estimate how many women, out of a group of 1000 pregnant women, you might expect to give birth to identical twins.
Choose the two correct options below.
Select one or more:
The calculation is ( 3344 multiply sign 1000 over 796613 ).
The expected number of women is 42. 
The expected number of women is 4.
The calculation is ( 3344 multiply sign 1000 over 793269 ). 
The expected number of women is 420. 
The mass of a particular substance is known to grow exponentially at a rate of 12.5% per week. Its initial mass was 34 grams and, after t weeks, it weighed 143 grams.
The equation modelling this growth is
34×1.125 t  =  143.
Use the method of taking logs to solve this equation for t, giving your answer correct to the nearest week.

(Your answer should be a number, without units)
Calculate on the basis of mortality table given below.Net annual premium at 5% rate of interest for a five years term insurance for $1000 effective at the age of 60 years:-
Age -------Number of Living --------Number of Dying
60 1000 20
61 980 2
62 958 25
63 933 33
64 900 40
65 860 45
write a program which takes name,basic,daper,bonper and loandet for a employee. calculate the salary using the following relation.

data is
calculate salary and then print the result under the following headings
(salary to be printed to the nearest dollars)
name basic salary
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