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A (light) pallet has a load of cases of tomato paste each of which is a cube of length L and has identical mass. Find the center of gravity in the horizontal plane, so that the crane operator can pick up the load without tipping it. (Use the following as necessary: L, measured from the back left corner.)
Researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine randomly placed 480 rats into one of three chambers containing radio antennas. one group was exposed to digital cell phone radio waves the second to analog cell phone waves and the third group to no waves. two years later the rats were examined for signs of brain tumors. in June 2002 the scientist said that differences among the three groups were not statistically significant.

a) is this a study or an experiment? explain
b)explain in this context what "not statistically significant" means.
c) comment on the fact that this research was funded by Motorola, a manufacturer of cell phones.
a company that manufactures rivets believes the shear strength of the rivets they manufacture follows a normal model with a mean breaking strength of 950 pounds and a standard deviation of 40 pounds

a) what percentage of rivets selected at random will break when tested under a 900 pound load?
b) you're trying to improve the rivets and want to examine some that fail. use a simulation to estimate how many rivets you might need to test in order to find three that fail at 900 pounds or below.
The theory illustrated by the accompanying figure is used to explain the origin of
A company wants to setup a new office in a country where the corporate tax rate is as follows: 15% of first $50,000 profits, 25% of next $25,000, 34% of next $25,000, and 39% of everything over $100,000. Executives estimate that they will have gross revenues of $500,000, total costs of $300,000, $30,000 in allowable tax deductions, and a one-time business start-up credit of $8000. What is taxable income for the first year, and how much should the company expect to pay in taxes?
17 Which is of higher concentration; 1 molal solution or 1 molar solution
None of the above
1 molal solution
1 molar solution
They are equivalent

18 A solution contains 4 grams of sodium hydroxide in 250ml of solution. If Na=23, O=16 , H=1 and
of water weighs1g, what is the concentration of the solution in weight per weight percent?

19 A solution contains 4 grams of sodium hydroxide in 250ml of solution . If Na=23, O=16, H=1 and
of water weighs 1g, what isthe concentration of the solution in grams per

20 What is a standard solution?
Solution that has been weighed
Solution which has a concentration that is accurately known
Solution that has one standard amount dissolved in water
Solution that is very distinct in its properties

13 The base unit for concentration of a substance in chemistry is -----------.

14 What is a mole of a substance ?
Amount of substance which contains 14.0g of carbon 12 isotope
Amount of substance which contains 13.0g of carbon 12 isotope
Amount of substance which contains 12.0g of carbon 12 isotope
Amount of substance which contains 11.0g of carbon 12 isotope

15 In chemistry, substances react on the basis of ?
Amount in grams equivalent
Amount in volume equivalent
Amount in relative ratios
Amount in moles equivalent

16 An undergraduate student weighed 20g of sodium carbonate salt. If Na=23, O=16, carbon = 12and H=1, what is the mole of the hydroxide?
0.19 mole
9 Which is the most accurate amongst the following measuring devices?
Volumetric flask

10 The base unit of a measured or weighed solid material in chemistry is ?

11 The equivalent of one kilogram is -----------.

12 The base unit of a measured liquid called volume is called ?
Cubic metre
5 Reduction of volume of a solution in an experiment can be achieved by --------.
Freeze drying the solution
Prespitatiog out the solution
Filtering out the solution
Control heat of the solution.

6 Filteration can be defined as a process -----------------------.
of separating two immiscible liquids
of separating solid crystals from the liquid in a solution
of separating two miscible liquid based on their colours
that involves the addition of a precipitants to a solution

7 A precipitated salt can be dried using -------------
Cooling oven
Wrapped with filter paper
Heated tungsten wire

8 Which of the following gives the most accurate volume of a measured solution
100ml burette
50 ml burette
25ml burette
10ml burette
when an automobile moves with constant speed down a highway,most of the power developed by the engine is used to compensate for the mechanical engine loss due to frictional forces exerted on the car by the air and road. if the power developed by engine is 175hp,estimate the total frictional forces acting on the car when it is moving at a speed of 29 meter per sec. One horsepower equals 746 W.
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