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If a complex number lies in the third quadrant, then where does its conjugate lie in?
How to write a program for calculator in java without using swing?
Determine the harmonic oscillator frequencies w(omega) appropriate to the nuclei and O-17 and Ni-60.
I want a code for calculator program in java. For example 9+2-5*8/3. I want a final answer for this.
Like for the whole expression i want the final answer sir.
Write short notes on Multimedia over ATM networks. (Multimedia Computing)
Compare and contrast various video conferencing encoding techniques.(Multimedia Computing)
Write a short note on OpenGL.(Multimedia Computing)
With suitable sample codes explain using video in java environment (Multimedia Computing)
The Municipal Corporation of a small college town decides to regulate rents in order to reduce student living expenses. Suppose the average annual market-clearing rent for a two bedroom apartment had been Rs.10000 per month, and rents were expected to increase to Rs.15000 within a year. The Municipal Corporation limits rents to their current Rs.10000-per-month level. Draw a supply and demand graph to illustrate what will happen to the rental price of an apartment after the imposition of rent controls. Do you think this policy will benefit students? Why or why not?
How power is used in an organization by its employees.
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