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If you have a 2 liter balloon filled with helium at 14.7 psi and at a temperature of 300K, what is the volume of the balloon when the temperature increases to 320K?
Create array function. Creating photo viewer

validNumbers(startNumber, endNumber) - This function will return true if startNumber is less than or equal to endNumber, and false otherwise
createArray(startNumber, endNumber) - This function will create and return an array with a size that corresponds to the parameter values provided. For example, calling createArray(3, 7) returns an array with 5 elements. The array will have no values assigned to it
loadPhotos() - This function will be called when the "Load Photos" button is selected. The function will read the folder's name,common's name, start photo number, and end photo number and initialize the photosArrayGlobal array with the names of photos that belong to the specified number range. The first photo in the range will be displayed and the "Photo Being Displayed" text field will display the full name of the photo.
20 differences between reversible and irreversible reactions
can you please explain me reducing nature with example because i have studied some where that reducing nature means to liberate H+ ion .
so please clear my doubt.
what is the velocity of a carbon dioxide molecule at 25 degrees centigrade in a one cubic foot box
Can we use calcium or potassium can be pace in place of sodium in detection of foreign element
let a>b>0.find the least value of a +1/b(b-a)
I would like to know how to upload a file using knockout js and mvc and save file name on the database on single button click event.

In the Byteland country a string "S" is said to super ascii string if and only if count of each

character in the string is equal to its ascii value. 

In the Byteland country ascii code of 'a' is 1, 'b' is 2 ...'z' is 26. 

Your task is to find out whether the given string is a super ascii string or not.

Input Format: 

First line contains number of test cases T, followed by T lines, each containing a string "S".

Output Format:

For each test case print "Yes" if the String "S" is super ascii, else print "No" 



1<=|S|<=400, S will contains only lower case alphabets ('a'-'z').

Sample Input and Output

SNo. Input Output






In case 1, viz. String "bba" - 

The count of character 'b' is 2. Ascii value of 'b' is also 2. 

The count of character 'a' is 1. Ascii value of 'a' is also 1.

Hence string "bba" is super ascii.
Question 4
a.As the price of oranges rises, the demand for oranges falls, ceteris paribus.” Explain.
b. “The price of a bushel of wheat was $3.00 last month, and $2.50 today. The demand curve for wheat must have shifted leftward between last month and today.” Discuss.

c. Some goods are bought largely because they have ‘snob appeal.’ For example, the residents of Beverly Hills gain prestige by buying expensive items. In fact, they would not buy some items unless they are expensive. The law of demand, which holds that people buy more at lower prices than at higher prices, obviously does not hold for the residents of Beverly Hills. The following rules apply in Beverly Hills: high prices, buy; low prices, don’t buy.” Do you agree? Discuss.
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