The Most Expensive Courses

Etiquette is the ceremonial code of polite life, more voluminous and minute in each portion of society according to its rank.

John Ramsay McCulloch

True ladies and gentlemen should be able to find a way out of all the situations, in which a person may be, follow the rules of good manners and always look perfect. They have to know the rules of etiquette. And what is the purpose of the rules of conduct and knowledge of etiquette? People should not trouble each other, disturb, launch an offensive to each other and discombobulate each other. The person should be able to respect him and others. Therefore, every parent tries to instill to own child the well-bred behavior, and some even give them away to a special school for young ladies and gentlemen. One of the best such schools is in the UK.


UK boarding schools are known from the XV century, they were created for the training and education of young aristocrats, including the future of the monarchy. These schools tend to disclose the maximum potential of each student. The teachers’ goal is not only high academic results of students, but also their personal sports and creative successes. Young ladies and gentlemen engaged in a variety of sports: soccer, tennis, horse riding. Creative development is also an important part of the curriculum. Singing in a choir, ceramics, contemporary drawing and painting are just a few of the possible classes. Professional equipment and attentive teachers help students develop abilities in a real talent.

The most expensive training courses are courses at the Ivloa Spencer International School for young ladies and gentlemen. Month tuition for courses at the school is at least 77,500 pounds or more. Students live in the best hotels in London, attend operas the ballet and opera, and take lessons of etiquette.

The purpose of courses is aesthetic, psychological, artistic, and physical development of personality, his talents and abilities. Main objectives are:

  • Education of politeness;
  • Inculcation of cultural manners, good manners;
  • Acquaintance with the rules of etiquette at table;
  • Development of creative preferences;
  • Education and development, taking into account gender differences;
  • Development of choreographic and artistic aptitude;
  • Habituation care of appearance,
  • Conducting lessons on the formation of a good musical and artistic taste.

Thus, UK education system, as well as all the English, is considered as a benchmark of quality. At the very least, the educational systems of other countries are constantly compared to the UK. It was established many centuries ago, and during that time hasn’t undergone big changes. The distinctive features of British schools, for example, “iron” discipline, classical methods of teaching, an established educational process, diversified program for preparing students for life in the business world and society.

Particularly the system of elite education is well represented in the UK. High-ranking families from around the world try to give their children to prestigious British schools or universities as education there not only guarantees obtaining in-depth knowledge, but the acquisition of conventional manner, the British style of behavior and broad connections in the world of business and politics.

Choosing the training in the UK, you will certainly get an excellent education, having the diploma, which operates around the world. Get Trained in England means to get a ticket to a carefree future!

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