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PhotoMath App Is a Step towards Homework Machine?

PhotoMath - Homework Solver

Probably, almost every student ever dreamed of a tool instantly solving math homework. Add to that the fact, that not seldom math is called the most tricky of all subjects. Now imagine you own a calculator which is able to do every math task instead of you, sounds good, eh? Half a year ago MicroBlink presented an application PhotoMath on iPhones, which can recognize mathematical tasks and solve them instantly also providing step-by-step solution, and now it is available on Android Play Market also. Creators of PhotoMath claim it to be the first сamera calculator. (more…)

6 Years Of Expert Help

Assignment Expert 6
It’s been 6 years since we started to help students from all over the world with their homework. Within this time, our service has turned into a complex mechanism and now it continues to thrive. Nowadays, a sea of raised hands of our experts are ready to assist students with math, physics, engineering, programming, writing and other complicated subjects online. However, only in 2009, everything started with a couple of experts in programming, math, and physics. (more…)

Do Not Allow Your Homework to Make You Sick


Have you ever told your Mom like, ‘oh, I have a terrible headache, I can’t do my homework’? Did you really feel that way? Even if you sometimes lie about health problems to eschew doing your assignments, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have them in near future. It’s no longer a myth about students suffering physically while doing homework. But here we come to teach you what the major dangers are and how to manage studying process to reduce harm for your health. (more…)

How Important is Homework ?

How important is homework?

What’s more important – to do your homework or to sleep? Probably every person said or thought “I hate homework” at least once. Even if you are a diligent student and strive to get all knowledge offered, doing almost every task and successfully completing all tests. This feeling of despair is inevitable and hardly avoidable at times of assignment overloads and especially during the finals week. The next question naturally arises – is all this homework business necessary, is it as important as teachers are trying to present? Practicing in class often seems quite enough, and the fact that most tasks are routine and thus boring adds fuel to the fire. Do we need homework?


How Assignment Expert Helped Students Doing Their Homework in 2014

How Assignment Expert helped students doing their homework in 2014

It’s time to summarize the results of our work through the last year. The key value of all our activities is the percent of homework assignments successfully done and we totally understand the crucial importance and responsibility in handling tasks of our customers. What can be worse than badly produced, damaged or incompletely equipped product you buy? A joy of purchase spares place to frustration and desire to receive a refund immediately.

This is fully applicable to homework service and gets even worse as often you are not allowed to resubmit the assignment or pass the test one more time. That’s why we constantly monitor our performance to minimize the risks of failing the task and thus upsetting and losing trust of our customers. We implicate various techniques of improving the quality of the work done, delivery and customer support service. (more…)

Penalty for Copying Someone’s Homework

Penalty for copying someone's homework

Decent students will say cheating is bad and not something you ought to do. Teachers will give you F if there’s evidence that your homework is copied or you cheated at the test. However, sometimes it’s just not possible to do all homework assignments by yourself or you lack time to prepare for test, or whatever, you name it. According to modern surveys, up to 73% of students say they cheated at least once during last 12 month. Of course, no one wants to get caught, but what if it happens? Often students are asking questions like: “Is it against the law to copy homework?” (more…)

Motivation to Do Homework

Homework motivationCan you say that you like doing homework? Often loads of homework cause sleep disorders, family problems and low grades. Yet working on your own and reviewing material discussed in class is an important part of study process. Basically, you need to do homework to succeed in life. That’s true for most people, leaving out maybe Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and a few others. Moreover, they’ve also done lots of things that can be called homework, yet this wasn’t teaches’ assignments, they set tasks for themselves. Motivation for homework is something related to motivation for study and learning in general. Of course, that’s not always the case, some tasks you just need to accomplish to pass the necessary tests. This or that way, homework needs to be done. Not all of it, but the important portion is awaiting for you. So how to pull yourself together and get it done?

Some people get motivated when they’re overloaded with work, they feel like accepting the challenge and perform tenfold. Rare case, though. Basically, to get yourself motivated for doing homework we need to: ease the process, make it more interesting. So let’s get started. (more…)

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