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For this task you will create a Subject class, whose instances will represent the subjects for study at a university. A subject will have a name, just a String, and a subject code, which is a six-character String. The first three characters of a subject code are alphabetic and the last three are numeric. The first three characters define the subject's discipline area. A subject code must be unique.

You will also write a TestSubject class to test the use of your Subject class. In particular this will maintain an array of subjects. In order to manage the uniqueness of the subject codes, your program will need to display information about existing subject codes as well as checking that any new subject code supplied by the user is not the same as any existing subject code.

The following state and functionality should be provided for the Subject class:

Two fields will hold the subject’s name and the six-character subject code.
A constructor will allow a name and a new, validated subject code to be provid
I want to fetch data from database to jsp Page. Whenever we type a word relating words starting with letter typed should be filled automatically by fetching from the DB like a drop down.
Define a new exception called “NotMemberException”. The exception must be thrown if the registration number entered by the user does not exist in the list of StudInfo. Your program should catch the exception as follows. It should first try to see if the number before and after the one entered exists. If so, it informs the user that they probably made a typo and provides them the name of the found student. If neither is found it must simply inform the user that such registration number does not exist.
I`ve created my first webapplication. I set up my webserver (tomcat+apache2) and tried to deploy the app on it. When I tested the app it worked fine with my test environment, but when created the war and deployed it the following error (exception) showed up:

description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.


org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP:

An error occurred at line: 14 in the generated java file Only a type can be imported. bitcoin.BitcoinHandler resolves to a package

An error occurred at line: 16 in the jsp file: /Balance.jsp BitcoinHandler cannot be resolved 13: double yourcoins=0.0; 14: Random rand=new Random(); 15:
16: balance=new Double(BitcoinHandler.getBalance("give")); 17:
19: if(balance>2.5)

What can I do about this.. I tried different IDEs to comiple it best for my webserver.. !??
write java applications that print the following pyramid using an array.
User must enter the number of start to displays.
Example: Please enter the number of stat to displays: 6.
write a java application that prints all even numbers from 2 to 50, with the aid of the following specification: start a new line after every multiple of 20.
Use for loop.
Save this program as
write a payroll program that prompt a user to Enter his name, hourly rate, working hours in the week and display the amount earning by each employee in Rand.
Note: User is not allowed to enter any negative value for hourly rate and working hours.
write a java application to calculate the exponent value of a number using the following specifications:
prompt the user to enter an integer value. Pass the integer value to the main method square,which squares the number and to a method cubes the number. The results must be returned to the main method. The main method must print the results along with a suitable mesage
Hello, I have an assignment due and I am having trouble starting it. Everytime I try to attempt it I get lost, and can't think of which classes to create other than the main do it all class. Could u help me break down my assignment a little please? The assignment asks for me to make a program that can simulate traffic in a network of roads that have sensors at each intersection and I am to record the car's registration number, and name of the sensor, and time it passed into a text file. I don't need help with the coding but just the setting it up and structuring part. Thanks
i am doing problem solving with robotics and was wondering how do you calibrate light sensor using java
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