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Write a program to convert temperature in Fahrenheit to temperature in Celsius
and vice versa according to the user’s preference. The formula for the conversion in one
direction is as follows:
Tc = (5/9) * (Tf – 32)
Check the correctness and allowed scope of the entered data.
Let the user enter data from a file and write the conversion next to the initial value. For
example, if the user needs to convert F to C, create a file named FtoC.txt with random
Fahrenheit values. Read the file from your program and write next to each F value the C
conversion. Do this for CtoF as well.
Write a program for a Hospital Management Application. The Hospital should store a
number of doctors and a number of patients (tip: as objects stored in arraylists). Each
doctor should have the following information: SSN, Name, Surname, number of
patients, Office_ No, Specialization. Each patient should have the following
information: ID, Name, Surname, Address, Phone_Number, Doctor_SSN. Then create
the following functionalities (tip: as a menu) for the user to choose:
1. Ask to enter data of Doctor/Patients from a file in.txt.
2. Enter a new Doctor or Patient.
3. Find and delete a Doctor or a Patient.
4. Search for a doctor by Name+Surname or SSN.
5. Search for a patient by Name+Surname or ID.
6. Search for a doctor that has a number of patients within a certain range.
7. Search for doctors of a certain specialization.
8. Search for all patients of a doctor.
9. Find the doctor with min or max number of patients.
10. Exit.
The result of each choice should be displayed on the screen. Write a log file for the
user’s choices and functionalities.
How can i use stdin to gather a string separated by spaces and add each element to an arraylist of strings?
Write a program composed of an Interface class having the necessary
variable declarations and setters and getters methods to represent the following
information for students: name, surname, yearClass, course, GPA. Define the interface
class in class. Then write an Abstract class that its
constructor will instantiate an ArrayList myStudents to store all Students objects. This
class should also have a setter and getter method for handling the arraylist. Then create
the and classes that will extend the
Departments abstract class. Finally, create the class that will prompt the
user to choose from a menu one of the following:
 Create a new student and based on his course add him into the appropriate
department. (Tip: each department will have an arraylist for their student, each
time a new student is to be entered, get the arraylist, add the student and the set
the arraylist back to the deprtment.)
 Choose a department to display all its students’ information.
 Choose a department to display the average GPA of its students.
 Find a student based on his name and surname. Display all student’s info
otherwise display that the student does not exist.
 Choose a classYear to display all students on that year from both departments,
separating them based on their department.
 Exit program
How do I make a user enter values into an array?
Write a class named Rectangle, which represents different rectangles. The private data fields are width, length, area and color. Use double for width and length and String for color. The methods are getWidth(), getLenght(), getColor() and findArea(). Use a class variable for color.
Include the above class in a program that uses it.
Create a program containing and showing random information about name, ID
and status (year, current and cumulative performance) of students from a file
students.txt. This program should process a list of 20 students, filtering those of
them having a name beginning with the same letter (prompt the user to choose
one), who are third year students and have current as well as cumulative
performance above the average of this filtered list. Sort the filtered users
according to their user ID (you can use bubble sort etc). Save the
results in file studentsFilter.txt.
For this task you will create a Subject class, whose instances will represent the subjects for study at a university. A subject will have a name, just a String, and a subject code, which is a six-character String. The first three characters of a subject code are alphabetic and the last three are numeric. The first three characters define the subject's discipline area. A subject code must be unique.

You will also write a TestSubject class to test the use of your Subject class. In particular this will maintain an array of subjects. In order to manage the uniqueness of the subject codes, your program will need to display information about existing subject codes as well as checking that any new subject code supplied by the user is not the same as any existing subject code.

The following state and functionality should be provided for the Subject class:

Two fields will hold the subject’s name and the six-character subject code.
A constructor will allow a name and a new, validated subject code to be provid
I want to fetch data from database to jsp Page. Whenever we type a word relating words starting with letter typed should be filled automatically by fetching from the DB like a drop down.
Define a new exception called “NotMemberException”. The exception must be thrown if the registration number entered by the user does not exist in the list of StudInfo. Your program should catch the exception as follows. It should first try to see if the number before and after the one entered exists. If so, it informs the user that they probably made a typo and provides them the name of the found student. If neither is found it must simply inform the user that such registration number does not exist.
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