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C# – Q&A

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Many students face the C# problems while studying the programming languages. They try to solve all of them themselves but at the end they usually come to grief. They have more and more C# questions left without an answer. That’s the moment when the best thing to do is to address your C# problems to our helping center and finally calm down. We will provide you with the C# answers in the shortest period of time and promise that they will be of the highest quality. Don’t be in despair anymore – let us find solutions for your C# problems!

The application should be able to count the number of automobile parts sold every week
depending upon the number of new entries of parts in the application. If a part is not sold for
more than six months after its date of manufacture, the application should prompt a message,
"Urgent Sale Required". Help the programmers at WebSoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to develop the
code for this feature.?

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design a program that will display the odd numbers in pyramid form


How could i add to this code in order to make a menu where i press a number and it goes onto the next part
for example:
1 - Browse Auction
2 - List Auction
3 - Listed Auctions
4 - Exit

class Program
static void Main(string[] args)

string input;

Console.WriteLine("Please enter a username");
input = Console.ReadLine();
if (input == "John")
if (input != "John")

Console.WriteLine("Please enter a password");
input = Console.ReadLine();
if (input == "Smith")
if (input != "Smith")


static void menu()
static void error()


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Hi, this is vivek , i am bulid up a smal project in C# consloe application, while i am intenally debug the programme it was working . But i want that programee "exe" file , so i was used to publishd that and install and run the exe file , i am getting the error of
could not find a part of the path 'C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0. Could you please rectify my problem,,

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Write a Windows Form application displaying the content of a text file. The top menu should
offer a choice of secondary file names (extensions):
Selecting one of them should invoke the file selection dialog displaying the file names only
having the selected extension.
When one of those files is selected, the first 40 characters of each of its first four lines should be
displayed (or as many lines as present if less than four lines are recorded in the file). If there are
more lines left in the file, output a string: “xx more lines are not shown.” (substitute xx with the
correct number).
Test the program against several text files with different name extensions.

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write a program that prints all perfect squares found in each row of a matrice.


We have to create a rock,paper and scissors game on Visual Studio 2010. There must be two players and they are going up against the computer, so we need to use the Random number code as well and there must be four rounds. Please help me with code of the game.

Thank you


please help:
given a matrice of size n*n,find the numbers in the rows with the power of 2

In Progress...

Which classes of the .NET Framework should Hayley use to ensure that the stock details are

In Progress...

given real numbers a1, a2, ..., a2n. These points determine the number of n intervals (a1, a2), (a3, a4), ..., (a2n-1, a2n). is the point found in number line, belonging to at least some of these three intervals? If so, provide some of these points.

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