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Students often face hard-to-solve and mind-numbing physics problems, that cause a lot of distress into the studying process. Not everyone can cope with the hardships physics problems cause, and many end up with a bunch of physics questions that need to be solved. Our service is the solution provider for your physics questions. Ask your question here and get physics answers that would help you do your assignment in the quickest way possible with maximum results. Our experts will gladly provide physics answers for your benefit.

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A beam has a solid square cross section of 100mm and is simply supported by two supports 3m apart. Calculate the dead load that can be safely supported when applied to the middling of the beam.
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a copper calorimeter of mass 100kg contains 50g of water and 5g of ice at 0 degree celcius.what mass of steam at 100 degree celcius must be passed to the calorimeter to raise the temp to 30 degree celcius.
Hoe do we get comparitive masses with the help of common balance?
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ball P of mass 0.25kg loses one-third of its velocity when it make a
head on a collision with an identical ball Q at rest .After collision,Q
moves off with a speed of 2m/s in the original direction of p.Calculate
the initial velocity of P?
when two balls are projected horizontally from the same point and velocity, but the time difference for the second ball to projected is just one second after the first one, at what point in the motion will the balls be closest to each other?
A rider of mass 40 kg sits on a sled of mass 10 kg at the top of a hill that is 15 m above level ground. The sled is given a push, providing 1600 J of kinetic energy to the sled and the rider. What is the kinetic energy of the sled and rider at the bottom of the hill?
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At the low point in its swing, a pendulum bob with a mass of 0.2 kg has a velocity of 5m/s. How high will the bob swing above this low point?
A 0.2 kg ball is twirled at the end of a string in a horizontal circle with a radius of 0.6 m. The ball travels with a constant speed of 4.0m/s. What are the values of the horizontal and vertical components of the tension in the string?
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what is the best book to read to understand statistical mechanics?
thank you
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