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Other Physics – Q&A

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if there is a crest at x=3m at time t, find three other positions of the crest at that instant?

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Convex mirrors are mostly used as

a. magnifying glasses
b. driving mirrors
c. dentist mirrors
d. artist mirrors

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In an experiment involving the convex lens, , which of the following is NOT correct?

a. images must always be sharply focused
b. the tip of object pin must be at the same height as the centre of lens
c. images obtained must always be magnified
d. parallax error must be avoided

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Calculate the refractive index of a triangular prism using parameters from the graph in question 16 . Note that A is 50o
a. 1.53
b. 1.63
c. 1.73
d. 1.83

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Which of the following is correct about tracing ray digrams with curved mirrors

a. rays incident at the centre of the mirror are reflected through the centre of curvature
b. rays passing through the centre of curvature are reflected through the pricipal focus
c. rays passing through the pricipal focus are reflected on themselves
d. rays parallel and close to the principal axis are reflected through the pricipal focus

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From the graph, obtain the minimum deviation,

a. 27.2o

b. 37.2o

c. 49o

d. 57.2o

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In an experiment involving a spherical mirror, 1/v was plotted on the vertical axis and 1/u on the horizontal axis. What is the linear magnification?

a. slope of the graph
b. inverse of the the slope of the graph
c. intercept on the vertical axis
d. intercept on the horizontal axis

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Which of the following is NOT true of experiments involving curved mirrors?

a. image distance is negative for for real image
b. object distance is positive
c. image distance is negative for virtual image
d. focal length is negative for convex mirrors

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In an expreiment, derived values such as those obtained from four figure tables should be recorded to at least ------- decimal places

a. 2
b. 3
c. 5
d. 7

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Which of the following is NOT applicable when plotting the graph of experimntal data?

a. Lines of bestfit should always be used

b. circled dots or crosses may be used to show plotted points

c. thin, sharp and continuous lines are acceptable

d. the scale must be chosen to make the graph occupy as small as possible of the graph page

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