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For his daily training, an athlete runs a round a 15.0 m radius track five times in 2.50 minutes. What is his average speed? and average velocity?
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If the magnitude of two vectors are 40N and 20N. What should be their orientation to get 30N force as a resultant ?
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we know that any matter falls in the earth duo to the gravitional force and it depends on the mass of that matter..but in the Falling matter principle of gallileo there said two matter of various mass fall at the same time when there is no air friction ..My question is why the two matter fall in same time as there remains a matter of gravitional force? dosnt the heavier one will fall down at first?
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Draw a free body diagram of m1 and another free body diagram of m2. using these diagrams, apply Newton's second law to each mass. Assume that the tension in the string is the same on each mass and that they have the same acceleration. From these two equations, find an expression for the acceleration of m1 and in terms of m1, m2, and g
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a metallic block in the form of a cube 40 cm on each edge has density of 8.54 g/cm³. find its total mass and weight density
You fire a projectile from one building to another building. The building you fire from is 54 meters tall, the building you fire to is 76 meters tall. The buildings are 1485 meters apart. If you want your maximum height to be 100 meters, what is the angle that you must launch at? What is the angle that the projectile will land at?
It was thought that the material that was to become the moon began as part of the earth. This fission theory was proposed that back in the time when the earth was composed of magma the earth's rotation was fast enough to eject some of the magma into space, where it cooled to be the moon. If this theory was true what would the rotation period of the earth need to be? Assume the material is on the equated and rotation is sufficient enough that the weight at the equator would be 0 if placed on a scale. That is, the object's weight is just sufficient to keep it traveling in a circle with a radius equal to the earth's. Give answer in hours.
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Three object are placed on three vertices of a triangle having dimensions x meter.find out the net force on the object placed on the top vertex an d the direction force also.
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a particle describes a horizontal circle on the smooth surface of an inverted cone. the plane of that circle is at a height of 9.8cm above the vertex. then the speed of the particle is?
A window air conditioner has a rating of 20000 btu/h. What is this rating in watts?
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