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Jim is driving his car at 32 m/s (72 mi/h) along a highway where the speed limit is 25 m/s (55 mi/h). A highway patrol car observes him pass and quickly reaches a speed of 35 m/s. At that point, Jim is 250 m ahead of the patrol car.

How far does the patrol car travel before catching Jim?
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what is the tangential velocity of a point on the equator of Mercury which has a rotation period of 59 days and an equatorial radius of 2500km?
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At sea level, the atmospheric pressure is 76 cm of hg. If air pressure falls by 10mm of hg per 120m of ascent, what is the height of a hill where the barometer reads 70 cm hg.
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waves transmits from one place to another a:energy, b:amplitude c:mass d:wavelength
which one ofthe following physical quantities does not have the dimensions of force per unit area?
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A monkey of mass 20 kg is holding a vertical rope. The rope will not break when a mass of 25 kg is suspended from it but will break if the mass exceeds 25 kg. What is the maximum accelerationit which the monkey can climb the rope? ( g=10m/s^2)
Let vector P & Q is 4 & 3cm respectively angle between them is 60 degree find R using
i)triangle meathod by constucting a triangle.
ii)paralleiogram meathod by constucting a paralellogram.
iii)by calculation
All of the following may be used to express a quantity of energy EXCEPT
A) joule
B) kilogram•meter squared per second squared
C) Newton per second
D) watt-hour
E) erg
Momentum is a quantity whose units might be the
A) joule
B) calorie
C) Newton
D) gram•centimeter per second
E) calorie per second
Of the following, the one that is most like a gamma ray in its properties is
A) alpha ray
B) beta ray
C) X ray
D) Electron
E) Proton
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