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take a plastic pipe and fix a jet at one of its end.connect the pipe to a water tap attached to a large overhead water tank.fix a large protractor,so that you can hold the pipe at different angles(at 15',30',45',60')
Hold the pipe in such a manner that jet of water comes out of an angle 15' .measure the distance up to which water is reaching.this is the range of the projectile.
Now hold the pipe at an angle 30',45'and 60' .measure the range of the projectile in each case.
keep the speed of water coming out of the jet same in each case.
what do you find?for a given speed,the range is maximum when the angle of projection is 45'.
Also try to find out the effect of initial speed of water on the range of the projectile.
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a car accelerates at 2m/s^2. assuming the car starts from rest,how much time does it need to accelerate to a speed of 30m/s?
Consider the inelastic collision between two objects (A and B). Object A has a mass of 15 kg. and is moving at 12 m/s. Object B has a mass of 8 kg. and is moving at 20 m/s toward object A (i.e., objects A and B are moving towards each other).

What is the velocity and direction of the wreckage after the inelastic collision?

(b) How much energy is dissipated as heat ?
A shell is fired vertically upwards with a velocity v1 from a trolley moving horizontally with velocity v2. A person on ground observes the motion of the shell as a parabola, whose horizontal range is
(1) 2v1^2*v2/g
(2) 2v1^2/g
(3) 2v2^2/g
The position coordinates of a projectile projected from ground on a certain planet ( with no atmosphere ) are given by y = (4t-2t^2)m and x = (3t) meter, where t is in second and point of projection is taken as origin. The angle of projection of projectile with vertical is

(1) 30 degree
(2) 37 degree
(3) 45 degree
(4) 60 degree
1. a) Establish the differential equation for a system executing simple harmonic motion (SHM). Show that, for SHM, the velocity and acceleration of the oscillating object is proportional to 0 ω and 2 0 ω , respectively, where 0 ω is the natural angular frequency of the object.
A 12 g bullet is accelerated from rest to speed of 700m/s as it travels 20cm in a gun barrel.
Assuming acceleration to be constant, how large was the accelerating force ?
A manufacturer does not know the mean and standard deviation of the diameters for the production of ball bearings.However, a viewing system rejects all bearing larger than 2.4 cm and those under 1.8 cm in diameter.Out of 1000 ball bearings 8% are rejected as too small and 5.5% as too big.Find the mean and standard deviation of the ball bearings produced.
The resultant of two vectors at an angle 150 degree is 10 units and is perpendicular to one vector. The magnitude of smaller vector is
(1) 10 units
(2) 10 under root 3 unit
(3) 10 under root 2 unit
(4) 5 under root 3 unit
Two cars A and B have a velocity of 60mph in the same direction. A is 250ft behind B when the brake is applied to car B causing it to decelerate at the constant rate of 10ft/s^2. In what time A overtake B and how far will each other have traveled?
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