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Other Physics – Q&A


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andrea and heather are driving their tractors as fast as they can in opposite directions. now andrea is driveng a john deere tractor at a whopping 36 miles per hour. her friend, heather, is racing away from her on an international tractor at 24 miles per hour. how long will it take them to be 30 miles apart?
The velocity of projection of an object is increased by 1% keeping other factors constant, what will be percentage
change in the maximum height attained?
1. 1%
2. 2%
3. 4%
4. 8%
Most carbonated soft drinks contain about 2.3 grams of CO2 per (16oz) bottle. How much CO2 is released into the atmosphere per year if every person in the United states consumed on soft drink per day?
The speed of a train is reduced from 60km/h at the same time as it travel a distance of 450 m.if the retardation is uniform find how much further it will travel before coming to rest
The length of each side of a cube measured with verier callipers is 30mm.If the venier callipers can be read with an uncertainty of ±0 14 mm, what does this give for approximate uncertainty in the value of its volume
If a right angled triangle label A B C and A=3 B=4 what is C equal to
A spring (k = 764 N/m) is attached to the ceiling of an elevator. How much will the spring stretch (relative to its unstretched length), if a 6.6 kg object is attached to the lower end and the elevator is accelerating downward at 0.41 m/s2?
Parachutists bend their legs and roll with the fall on landing. They do this to reduce the chance of injury. Explain why this technique means that they are less likely to suffer broken bones on hitting the ground?
Sally travels by car from one city to another. She drives for 29.0 min at 52.0 km/h, 31.0 min at 30.0 km/h, and 27.0 min at 56.0 km/h, and she spends 10.0 min eating lunch and buying gas.
Jake walks east through a passenger car on a train that moves 10 m/s in the same direction. Jake’s speed relative to the car is 2 m/s. Jake’s speed relative to an observer at rest outside the train is?
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