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Other Physics – Q&A


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The potential energy function associated with the force F=4xy i^+2x^2j^ is
(4)Not defined
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A typical wavelength of infrared radiation emitted by your body is 25mm. What is the energy per photon at that wavelength?
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What evidence supports the notion that light has wave properties? What evidence supports the view that light has particle properties?
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Why does the emission spectrum of an element consist of discrete wavelengths?
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Explain the uncertainty principle.
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The half-life of carbon-14 is 5730 years. How much of a 50 g sample of carbon-14 is present after 11,460 years?
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Describe how noise cancelling headphones work.
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When launching light down an optical fiber, why is it important to exceed the critical angle?
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On a keyboard, you strike middle C, whose frequency is 256 Hz. What is the period of this tone? As the sound
leaves the instrument at a speed of 340 m/s, what is the wavelength?
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What is the frequency of the light emitted by a laser pointer whose wavelength is 670 nm
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