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Other Physics – Q&A


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A 12 g bullet is accelerated from rest to speed of 700m/s as it travels 20cm in a gun barrel.
Assuming acceleration to be constant, how large was the accelerating force ?
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The resultant of two vectors at an angle 150 degree is 10 units and is perpendicular to one vector. The magnitude of smaller vector is
(1) 10 units
(2) 10 under root 3 unit
(3) 10 under root 2 unit
(4) 5 under root 3 unit
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Two cars A and B have a velocity of 60mph in the same direction. A is 250ft behind B when the brake is applied to car B causing it to decelerate at the constant rate of 10ft/s^2. In what time A overtake B and how far will each other have traveled?
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Ali bends his plastic ruler.what are the effects of the forces on the ruler.
What is the scientific notation of 540,000
is a person falling with a parachute considered a free falling body?
Why clouds and birds are not attracted towards Earth by its gravitational force?
find the acceleration due to gravity at depth of 400 km from the earth's surface.
(g=9.8 m/s sq R=6400 km)
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why displacement is positive?
A ball of mass 50g is dropped from a height of 20m. A boy on ground hits the ball vertically upwards with a bat with an average force of 200N,so that it attains a vertical height of 45m.the time for which the ball remains in contact with the bat is?(take g=10m/s)
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