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A cuboid of mass 350 kg was placed on an object with dimensions 3m*5m*2m. Find the pressure exerted by the cuboid on the object.
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A body of mass 2kg is suspended through two light spring balances A and B .then mass of the A and B are
A bowling ball accidentally falls out of the
cargo bay of an airliner as it flies along in a
horizontal direction.
As observed by a person standing on the
ground and viewing the plane as in the figure,
which path would the bowling ball most
closely follow after leaving the airplane?
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Consider an airliner having a mass of 5x10^4 kg and a total wing area of 1.05x10^2 m2. If the airliner is flying at a velocity of 225m/s and we assume this is also the velocity for the air moving on the underside of the wing, what is the velocity of the air above the wing for the airliner to remain at a fixed altitude. Assume the air has a density of 1.25kg/m3.
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Calculate the Reynolds number for the blood flowing through an artery with a rate of flow of 6x10-6 m3/s with a radius of 4mm, and for an artery with the same rate of flow and a radius of 10% of the previous artery. The coefficient of viscosity for blood is about 2.7x10^-3 N s/m2. Would the flow of the second arterty be considered as laminar flow?
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An IV bag is situated 1m above a patient and the density of the fluid in the bad is 1020kg/m3. If the cross sectional area of the needle is 1x10^-8 m2, what will be the flow rate of the fluid into the patient? Assume the IV bag is collapsible, so the external pressure at the bag is just atmospheric pressure and that the gauge pressure at the patients vein is 1.30x10^3 Pa.
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A balloon has a volume of 4.04x10^2 m3 and this balloon unfilled has a mass of 295kg. The balloon gets filled with helium that has a density of .179kg/m3. Determine the buoyant force on the balloon with the air having a density of 1.29kg/m3.
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A car needs a hydraulic jack. The car rests on a piston with a circular cross section where the radius of the circle is .5 m. A person has to apply a force of 16N to the smaller piston which has a radius of 2cm. What is the mass of the car?
The potential energy function associated with the force F=4xy i^+2x^2j^ is
(4)Not defined
A typical wavelength of infrared radiation emitted by your body is 25mm. What is the energy per photon at that wavelength?
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