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Other Physics – Q&A


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The force f acting on a body depends upon its 1.mass 2. acceleration. Find the expression for the force f using the method of dimensions.
if speed is 50 km/hr and time taken is 4 hours, find the distance

how can i identify physics?
On a 60 km straight road, a bus travels the first 30 km with a uniform speed of 30 kmh-1. How fast
must the
bus travel the next 30 km so as to have average speed of 40 kmh-1 for the entire trip?
a body is travelling with a velocity of 100m/s accelerates uniformly at the rate of 10m/s2 for a period of 20 second.calculate the velocity & the distance travelled in 30 second
why sinusoidal wave is chosen for AC fundamentals rather than a simple curve such as square o triangular wave?
Tell me some important questions related center of gravity?
Explain briefly what is meant by three phase electrical installation, indicating why is beneficial in some commercial and industrial. why it is necessary for the different phases to be identified by different colours of insulation or labels the consumer
a volt is a unit of
Assuming earth is a uniform homogenous sphere of radius 6400km and density 5500kg/m^3.calculate its MI
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