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Students often face hard-to-solve and mind-numbing physics problems, that cause a lot of distress into the studying process. Not everyone can cope with the hardships physics problems cause, and many end up with a bunch of physics questions that need to be solved. Our service is the solution provider for your physics questions. Ask your question here and get physics answers that would help you do your assignment in the quickest way possible with maximum results. Our experts will gladly provide physics answers for your benefit.

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A single-threaded power screw is 0.018 mm in diameter with a pitch of 0.006 mm. A vertical load on the screw reaches a maximum of 6,656 N. The coefficients of friction are 0.04 for the collar and 0.08 for the threads. The frictional diameter of the collar is 0.039 mm. Find the overall efficiency.
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a stationary object is released from a point P at a distance 3R from the centre of the moon which has radius R and mass M. Whiich of the following gives the speed of the object on hitting the moon?
1. (2GM/3R)^1/2
2. (4GM/3R)^1/2
3. (GM/3R)^1/2
4. (GM/R)^1/2
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Four particles A,B,C,D each of mass m are kept at the corners of a square of side L. Now the particle D is taken to infinity by an external agent keeping the other particle fixed at their respective positions. The work done by the gravitational force acting on the particle D during its movement is?
Ans= -2Gm^2/L * [(2√2 +1)/√2]
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A wire of length L is bend to form regular hexagon and current I is flowing through it then what is magnetic induction at center of hexagon?
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a gas expands from 5 litre to 105 litre at a constant pressure 100n/m2 the work done is
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The position x of a particle moving along x axis at time(t) is given by equation t=x^1/2+2,where x is un metres and t in seconds. Find the work done by force in first 4 seconds.
All are in Joules.
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A car of mass m starts from rest and accelerates so that the instantaneous power delivered to the car has a constant magnitude P. The instantaneous velocity of this car is proportional to
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A ball is released from top of tower. The ratio of work done by force of gravity in first,second and third second of motion of ball is
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The amount of work done in pumping the water out of a cubical vessel of height 1m is nearly(Taking g=10m/sec^2)
All options are in Joules.
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a man across a 90 m long straight track with a uniform acceleration in 6 s.if his initial velocity is 3m/s, then he leaves the track with velocity
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