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Students often face hard-to-solve and mind-numbing physics problems, that cause a lot of distress into the studying process. Not everyone can cope with the hardships physics problems cause, and many end up with a bunch of physics questions that need to be solved. Our service is the solution provider for your physics questions. Ask your question here and get physics answers that would help you do your assignment in the quickest way possible with maximum results. Our experts will gladly provide physics answers for your benefit.

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4 holes of radius R are cut from thin square plate of side 4R and mass m. The moment of inertia of remaining part about z axis is?
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The Westin Stamford Hotel in Detroit is 228 m tall. Suppose a piece of ice, which initially has a temperature of 0.0 C, falls from the hotel roof and crashes to the ground. Assuming that 50.0 percent of the ice's mechanical energy during the fall and collision is absorbed by the ice and that 3.33*10^5 J is required to melt 1.00 kg of ice, calculate the fraction of the ice's mass that would melt.
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A body of mass 2kg is suspended through two light spring balances A and B .then mass of the A and B are
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A body with mass 5 kg is acted upon by a force F=(-3i+4j) N. If its initial velocity at t =0 is v =(6i-12j)msec^-1, the time at which it will just have a velocity along the y axis is
(1) never
(3)2 sec
(4)15 sec
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calculate the percent error made over one mile of distance by the 5 sec.rule for estimating the distance from a lighting strike if the temperature (a) 300 c (b) 100 c
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a person , with his ear to the ground , see a huge stone strike the concrete payment. a moment later two sounds are heard from the impact. one travels in the air and the other in the concrete, and they are 1.1 is apart. how far away did the impact occur?
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while fishing, you notice the eight crests pass a given point in a time of interval of 10 seconds. You approximately calculated the distance between two crests to be 1.2 m. Calculate the a.) speed of water and b.) depth of water
A bowling ball accidentally falls out of the
cargo bay of an airliner as it flies along in a
horizontal direction.
As observed by a person standing on the
ground and viewing the plane as in the figure,
which path would the bowling ball most
closely follow after leaving the airplane?
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an explosion takes place at a distance of 3 200 metres away from sound detector that detects only the sound coming from the ground the sound detector detects the sound signals at 0.64 and 0.80 seconds after the explosion find the depth of of the soft ground
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a fan blade is initially rotating at an angular speed of 48.6 rpm. it slows down and eventually comes to rest in a time of 32 seconds after turning through a total of 8.8 revolutions. find the average angular velocity of the fan blade
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