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what is the x(or east) component of 26 m 15 degrees N of E?
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A basketball player achieves a hang time of
position (m)
0.505 s in dunking the ball.
What vertical height will he attain? The
acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . Answer in units of m
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In an experiment involving the convex lens, which of the following is NOT correct?

images must always be sharply focused
the tip of object pin must be at the same height as the center of lens
images obtained must always be magnified
parallax error must be avoided
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Calculate the distance and magnification of an object placed 20cm from a converging lens

60cm and 0.3 times the size of object
20cm and 0.3 times the size of object
60cm and 3 times the size of object
80cm and 3 times the size of object
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For a metallic conductor, Ohm's law holds provided

potential difference varies
current remains constant
temperature remains constant
potential difference remains constant
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In an experiment, potential difference is plotted on the vertical axis and current on the horizontal axis. The slope of the graph represents

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Which of the following is NOT true about a rheostat?

It is a constant current instrument
It is a resistor with moving contact
It is used for varying the current in a circuit
It is used for varying the resistance in a circuit
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The potentiometer wire plays equivalent role of which of these devices in a circuit?

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Which of the following is NOT applicable when plotting the graph of experimntal data?

Lines of bestfit should always be used
circled dots or crosses may be used to show plotted points
thin, sharp and continuous lines are acceptable
the scale must be chosen to make the graph occupy as small as possible of the graph page
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Which of the following is NOT true of experiments involving curved mirrors?

image distance is negative for for real image
object distance is positive
image distance is negative for virtual image
focal length is negative for convex mirrors
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