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find the moment of inertia of a uniform rectangular lamina of mass m and dimensions a and 2a about a diagonal.
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find the moment of inertia of parallelepiped of length about a diagonal.
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find the moment of inertia of a uniform square lamina of mass m and side a about its diagonal.
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a survey showed that among 785 randomly selected subjects who completed four year of college,17.1% smoke and 82.9% do not smoke. Use a 0.05 significance level to test the claim that the rate of smoking among those with four years of college is less than 27% rate for the general population. Why would college graduates smoke at a lower rate than others
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A survey by Men's Health magazine stated that 14% of men said they used exercise to reduce stress. Use α=0.10. a random sample of 100 men was selected, and 10 said that they used exercise to relieve stress. Use the traditional method to test the claim. Could the result be generalized to all adult Americans?
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a+b+37 = 6, 2a+2b-32 = 9, a+2b-62= -4
Two representatives are chosen at random from a group of 180 students that has 90 girls and 90 boys. What is the probability that the representatives selected are either both boys or both girls?
Choices: A.) 90/180 x 89/179 B.) 2/90+2/90 C.)2 x 90/180 x 89/179 D.) 2 x 2/90 x 2/88

Determine the minimum sample size required in order to estimate p, the population proportion, to within 0.05, with:

a) 95% confidence.

b) 99% confidence.
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the lengths of a triangle measure 27, 46 and 67 cm. find the measure of each angle of the triangle
first derivative and second derivative of f(x)= e^(1/x)
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