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Find the surface area of a rectangular prism with a height of 5, a length of 6, and a width of 3.
If I roll 5 dice, what are the odds of getting AT LEAST 3 even numbers?

If its not too much trouble I'd love to know how you arrived at the answer, thanks.
what is the probability of a player getting all the four aces, when playing cards are uniformly distributed among the four players?
integral ln(sinx)
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compute standard error of estimate for data below
x values= 3,-2,2,5,10
y values= 4,6,-2,0,-3
prove that under root sec square a plus under root cosec square a=cot a +tan a
suppose ari wins 94% of all ping-pong games. (a) what is the probability that ari wins two ping-pong games in a row? (b) what is the probability that ari wins six ping-pong games in a row? please show work
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name the vertex of <EBD
How do you do Related Rates with a non-right triangle, where you are given sides a and b(both 12), side c is increasing at 2 ft/sec and the moment angle C is pi/3. I am looking for the rate angle C is changing at that moment.
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Thanks for all the physics help. My course is finally over and I was able to earn a B thanks to you. This course was a challenge, and the assignments you completed and detailed were very helpful to me. I've been telling all my friends what a great service you provide, and reasonable too. Thank again.
Kumarikidd on October 2013
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