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Discrete Mathematics – Q&A


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complete the proof..... 1. (A -> ~B) -> (D -> ~E) 2. A -> F 3. F -> ~B 4. ~E -> G // D -> G
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how do i apply a maximum flow algorithm to find a flow in N* such that all arcs out of S* and T* are saturated
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(A Å B) Å(C Å D) = (A Å D) Å (B Å C)

where Å is the Symmetric Difference
suppose repetation are not permited the digit is 1,2,3,4,5,7
how many such no are less than 4000?
a)Five student- Leon, Sarah, Russo, Sue, and Sharon - Participate in a debate tournament in which eash team must have at least one affirmative debate tournament in which each team must have at lest one affirmative debater and one negative debater. two of the students attend Harp College, and three attend Sloan. Three are affirmative debater and two are nagative debater. Leon and Sue attened the same college. Russo and Sharon Attend different schools. Sarah and Russo represent the same side in the debate (both are affirmative aor both are negative); Sue and Sharon represent opposite sides.
A negative debater from Harp College was selected as the outstanding debater. Who was that person?
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In a survey of a TriDelt chapter with 50 members, 19 were taking mathematics, 35 were taking English, and 9 were taking both. How many were not taking either of these subjects?
Argue that ∀x(P(x)v∃yP(y))≡∃xP(x).
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---How many nonnegative integer solutions does it have?
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F=A’C + A’B + AB’C +BC, using, K-map
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In the context of admission to IGNOU, give example of the following- implication ,
2.the converse of (1) above.
3.a two way implication which is true.
4.a statement involving both for all and there exit.
5.the contrapositive of (1) above.
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