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Management Questions and Answers


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discuss the role of EXIM bank in Export promotion
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what does it take, for the arab employee to join the global work community? what skills and traits need to be developed?
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do you think the example of can be repeated in the arab world? can locally grown arab companies become attractive to global industry giants or was maktoob an exception?
In Progress...
What is the Occupational Competence
In Progress...
Discuss, how job evaluation is linked with wage fixation, citing example from any organization your familiar with
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Find the mistake
1-The two things are equally good . there is nothing to lose between.
2-don't worry ,everything grows well
3-it's sensitive of you to consider the fellings of the other
4-can you tell me the difference among these two pictures?
5-the arrival of the elderly changed the boys' behave.
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planning exercises of planning
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what are planning exercises?
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how do you connect mysql with c++ ?
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A businessman has two independent investments A and B available to him, but he lacks the capital to undertake both of them simultaneously. he can choose to take A first and then stop, or if A i successfull then take B, or vice versa. The probability of success on A is 0.7 while for B it is 0.4. Both investments require an initial capital outlay of $2000 and both return nothing if the venture is unsuccessful. successful completion of A will return $3000 (over cost), while successful completion of B will return $5000 (overcost).

Prepare a report, with the aid of a decision tree, advising the investor of the best course of action
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