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Management Questions and Answers


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explain the various principles of management by l.m.prasad
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Interview a person who has recently been involved in making a business decision. Identify the following:
1. The scope of the problem solved.
2. The people involved in the decision. (Explicitly identify the problem owners)
3. Relate it to the 4 Phases of decision making. (Intelligence, Design, Choice and Implementation. You may have to ask specific questions such as how the problem was identified)

4. The alternatives (choices) and the decision chosen.
5. How the decision was implemented.
6. How computers were used to support the decision making.
on what grounds do we choose a suitable future strategy for leeds university
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1. Approximately one in five companies fail after a major fire. In the event of a fire what pre-planned management system can be put in place to ensure company continues in business
2. Identify the key feature of an objective business continuity plan. Describe the main pitfalls that are commonly encountered with business continuity plans.
3. Consider testing regimes that can be employed and describe when and for what type of company would each of these be most appropriate
4. Define the term risk management and give a brief example
5. Explain the terms
a. Risk control
b. Risk transfer
c. Risk avoidance
d. Risk financing
6. When mothballing a building for at least one year
a. What factors need to be taken into account
b. What actions need to be taken before and during shutdown
c. What are legal obligation of the management
d. If authorised persons entered the site and came to harm themselves what are the implications to the owner of the site
7. List and describe potential hazards associated with empty buildings
8. Prior to the shutdown of a building what useful information should the building owners pass to the fire safety department at their local fire brigade headquarters
9. Identify the key activities that you would expect to find being undertaken in an effective maintenance regime to support fire safety premises
10. Describe the feature of a contractor management system that aims to minimise the occurrence of fire when contractors are on site
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Write an application with a CV in response to the following advertisement:
"Wanted some 'Sales Excutives' for a business house in Chittagong.Candidates should preferably be a BBA WITH three years selling experience.Apply stating the particulars and salary expected to the Manager HRM,ABC Company Limited,3/A,Agrabad C/A,Chittagong by July 25,2014.
Letter Writing:Write a letter to China Railway complaining about the receipt of goods in damaged conditions and claiming compensation.

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Report Writing:As a Human Resource Manager of ABC Jute Mills write a report to the General Manager on recent labor unrest in your organization.
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please explain and analyse tesco's financial status to morrisons in terms of market share
Question 4
Refer to Question 3. How long do the longest 10% of calls last?

Question 5
The lifetimes of light bulbs that are advertised to last for 5,000 hours are normally distributed with a mean of 5,100 hours and a standard deviation of 200 hours. What is the probability that a bulb lasts longer than the advertised figure?

Question 6
Refer to Question 5. If we wanted to be sure that 98% of all bulbs last longer than the advertised figure, what figure should be advertised?

Question 7
Travelbyus is an Internet-based travel agency wherein customers can see videos of the cities they plan to visit. The number of hits daily is a normally distributed random variable with a mean of 10,000 and a standard deviation of 2,400.
a. What is the probability of getting more than 12,000 hits?
b. What is the probability of getting fewer than 9,000 hits?

Question 8
University and college students average 7.2 hours of sleep per night, with a standard deviation of 40 minutes. If the amount of sleep is normally distributed,
a. What proportion of university and college students sleep for more than 8 hours?
b. Find the amount of sleep that is exceeded by only 25% of students.

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Question 1
Find the probabilities.
a. P(Z<1.50)
b. P(Z<-1.59)
c. P(1.14<Z<2.43)
d. P(-0.91<Z<-0.33)
e. P(Z>4.0)

Question 2
Given a normal distribution with μ=100 and σ=10, what is the probability that
a. X > 75
b. X < 70
c. X < 80 and X > 110

Question 3
The long-distance calls made by the employees of a company are normally distributed with a mean of 6.3 minutes and a standard deviation of 2.2 minutes. Find the probability that a call
a. Lasts between 5 and 10 minutes.
b. Lasts more than 7 minutes.
c. Lasts less than 4 minutes.
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