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Economics Questions and Answers

Economics of Enterprise529524

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Answering economics questions may become a significant problem for many students at a certain point in their education process. You may have a short economics question that seems not so hard and time-consuming, but when you finally get to do it, you realize that it is more complicated than it looks, and Google search is not helping at all. There are a few websites that offer economics questions and answers for free, but they do not always provide solutions to the particular problems you have. If you need assistance with your economics homework problems or need answers to economics worksheet, test or quiz questions, be it multiple choice or free answer questions, Assignment Expert will be glad to provide it. We offer professional help with questions in a variety of economics topics you may find confusing or difficult to comprehend. Ask your economics question here, and our economics experts will answer it for free. If you need a solution to the entire set of questions or assistance with an economics project, order now, and our economics experts will help you for a reasonable price.

Answer the following questions based on the following quotation. On October 1, 2007, S&P 500 closed at 1547 where the quotation of CALL options on S&P 500 was as follows. Those contracts expire in October 2007

Strike Price Open High Low Last sett
1540 -- -- -- -- 31.70
1600 1.70 3.60 1.70 3.00 3.35

(a) Which option is in the money?

(b) Decompose the value of 1540 call, $31.7, into intrinsic value and time value.
(c) Again using the call with exercise price of 1540, what would be your cash proceeds if you exercise the option on October 1 (index options are settled by cash)? Assume that both dividends and transaction costs are small enough to be ignored. Based on this answer and answer on (b), does it make sense to exercise an American call before expiration?
(d) Assume that put-call parity holds for these options. What should be the value of a PUT on S&P 500 with exercise price of 1600? Assume that the annual risk-free rate is 5%


explain an application of the force developed due to expansion in industries?


I need to take a class online FIN534, which begins next week july 2nd, can you take the class for me for the next 8 weeks? I will pay weekly- there would be 2 discussions per week and/either a quiz or assignment not every week. Please inform if possible to take this class for me. I will be taking two classes in classromm and would like to cover this class as well. Hope you can help.


A positive incentive that makes you better off is a?


why there is unemployment rate in china?


The comparison of unemployment rate between two countries & its reasons.


it the income elasticity of demand for hormone-free milk is estimated as =5.0, briefly define what this means and what it implies abot th nature of the product


explain and show graphically how this market would be affected if there is an increase in the number of dairy farmers that produce hormone-free milk at the same time in south african consumers chose to be more healthy


Prepare a cash budget for three months ending on 30th June, 2012 :

Month Sales Materials Wages Overheads
February 14,000 9,600 3,000 1,700
March 15,000 9,000 3,000 1,900
April 16,000 9,200 3,200 2,000
May 17,000 10,000 3,600 2,200
June 18,000 10,400 4,000 2,300
a Credit terms are:
Sales and debtors –10% of sales are on cash, 50% of credit sales are collected in the next month and the balance in the following month:
Creditors Materials 2 months Wages ¼ month Overhead ½ Month
b Cash and bank balance on 1st April, 2012 is expected to be 6000
c Other relevant information are:
1 Plant and Machinery will be installed in February 2012 at a cost of 96000. The monthly installments of 2000 is payable from April onwards
2 Dividend @ 5% on Preference Share Capital of 200000 will be paid on 1st June
3 Advance money is to be received from sale of vehicle of 9000 in June
4 Dividends from investments amounting to 1,000 are expected to be recieved in June
5 Income tax(advance) to be paid in June is 2000


Bumpas Enterprises purchases $4,562,500 in goods per year from its sole supplier on terms of 2/15, net 50. If the firm chooses to pay on time but does not take the discount, what is the effective annual percentage cost of its nonfree trade credit? (Assume a 365-day year.)

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