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Economics Questions and Answers

Economics of Enterprise631532

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Answering economics questions may become a significant problem for many students at a certain point in their education process. You may have a short economics question that seems not so hard and time-consuming, but when you finally get to do it, you realize that it is more complicated than it looks, and Google search is not helping at all. There are a few websites that offer economics questions and answers for free, but they do not always provide solutions to the particular problems you have. If you need assistance with your economics homework problems or need answers to economics worksheet, test or quiz questions, be it multiple choice or free answer questions, Assignment Expert will be glad to provide it. We offer professional help with questions in a variety of economics topics you may find confusing or difficult to comprehend. Ask your economics question here, and our economics experts will answer it for free. If you need a solution to the entire set of questions or assistance with an economics project, order now, and our economics experts will help you for a reasonable price.

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Your company is considering the acquisition of several other companies. You generally
target those companies that are inefficient because you can increase their value quickly
with better management. In the resource markets, the per unit price of labour is half the
per unit price of capital. The first company you are considering has a marginal product of
labour estimated at twice the marginal product of capital. The marginal products of both
inputs in the second company are equal. Which company would be the better takeover
target? Illustrate with a sketch graph of each firm why you picked the firm you did.
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___7) Suppose you are considering purchasing a vehicle and the price of a Toyota Camry is $20,000 and the cost of a new Honda motorcycle is $10,000. Meaning that for every Toyota Camry you purchase you are giving up two Honda motorcycles. Using only the information given, which of the following statements is true?
a) The relationship between motorcycles and Camry’s is positive.
b) The equation that maps this relationship is y = 1 + 2x, where y is motorcycles and x is Camry’s.
c) The relationship between Honda motorcycles and Camry’s is negative.
d) The equation that maps this relationship is y = 1 - 2x, where y is motorcycles and x is Camry’s.
A project has an initial requirement of $698,700 for fixed assets and $61,000 for net working capital. The fixed assets will be depreciated to a zero book value over the 4-year life of the project and will be worthless at the end of the project. All of the net working capital will be recouped after 4 years. The expected annual operating cash flow is $218,000. What is the project's internal rate of return if the tax rate is 35 percent?
Answer 7.72 percent
8.41 percent
8.69 percent
9.11 percent
9.97 percent
1.Explain the reasons why the muliplier could decrease in value
2.Briefly explain the difference between savings and dissavings
The Rosemont Company is a member of a perfectly competitive industry. Like all members of the industry, its total cost function is:
where, TC is the firm’s monthly total cost in dollars and Q is the firm’s monthly output.
a) If the industry is in long-run equilibrium, what is the price of the Rosemont Company’s product?
b) What is the firm’s monthly output?
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The XYZ Company has just gathered estimates for making a business analysis of a new product. Variable costs are constant at $5 a unit; additional plants will be obtained at a cost of $28,000 and depreciated over four years; the new product will be charged $14,000 a year for its share of general overhead; the marketing program calls for an annual advertising expenditure of $15,000 on advertising, $20,000 on distribution, and a price of $9. The firm will have to be able to sell how many units to break even.
what is planning ?
Determine the size of the M1 money supply using the following information.
Currency 700 billion
money market mutual funds 2,000 billion
demand deposits 300 billion
other checkable deposits 300 billion
traveler's check 10 billion
4. Answer the following questions based on the following quotation, which is October 1 price quotation on light sweet crude oil (source: New York Mercantile Exchange). (Each part is worth 5 points, 25 points total)

Last Open High Open Low High Low Most Recent Change
Nov 2007 80.25 81.55 81.45 82.02 79.45 80.24s 0.01
Dec 2007 79.28 80.35 80.3 80.8 78.5 79.28s 0.00
Jan 2008 78.44 n/a 79.58 79.9 77.75 78.50s -0.06
Feb 2008 77.68 n/a 78.85 78.86 77.22 77.87s -0.19
Mar 2008 77.32 n/a 78.25 78.62 76.75 77.34s -0.02
April 2008 76.83 n/a 77.61 77.61 76.28 76.86s -0.03

(a) Here the futures price is lower the greater the time to expiration; what does this imply about the convenience yield of oil? Specifically, is it greater than the cost of carrying oil? (Hint: carry cost model).
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Assume that the following interest rates at which firms A and B can borrow:

Fixed rate Floating rate
Firm A 8% LIBOR + 1%
Firm B 9% LIBOR + 1.4%
Premium paid by B over A 1% 0.4%

Also assume that A ultimately wants a floating rate loan while B wants a fixed rate loan. Design an interest rate swap so that both can benefit, assuming that no swap bank is involved
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