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Other Biology – Q&A


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Baby Joseph is being breast fed by his mother even though her friends tell her that it would be easier to bottle feed the baby formula. the mother insists that she is providing more than just nutrition by using her milk but is also protecting the child from disease. a. what is she giving the baby besides that would protect him form disease? b. what type of immunity is this? c. is this immunity permanent? Why or Why not?
I have a plant that has mostly 4-petaled flowers, but one bud opened up and has 5 petals. I was told this is impossible. Do I just have a mutation on my hands, or did someone prank me? I can send pictures.
Which biome covers most of the earth's surface? Discuss the enormous impact that this biome has on the biosphere as a whole
Farmers selectively breed crop plant. Describe the process of selective breeding?
If I want to travel the world and make documentories of animals after college should I major in animal biology?
What is the hospitals purpose for using the health record?
Benefit of Air Conservation
1. A fox den would most likely be located
A. in an old barn.
B. in an old woodchuck den.
C. at the edge of a meadow.
D. under a tool shed.

2. The first step in species management is
A. mapping the area of work.
B. determining the client's objectives.
C. determining a comprehensive analysis of the biology of the particular species.
D. determining the food needs of the particular species.

3. Scent post studies
A. provide precise estimates of animal population trends.
B. provide information on types of posts used by wildlife.
C. should rarely be used because of the assumptions needed and false leads that they may provide.
D. provide useful information when used with other techniques.

4. Moles and shrews primarily eat
A. roots.
B. snails and crayfish.
C. seeds.
D. insects.

5. Which of the following is a major factor in fox tracking?
A. Direction of track
B. Pad shape of animal track
C. Tai
Biodiversity is actually decreasing in virtually all ecosystems at the present time--why?
The amount of light that enters the eye through the opening is controlled by the:
<br>a. cornea
<br>b. lens
<br>d. iris
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