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a metallic rod of length 2 m is rigidly clamped at its middle point.A longitudinal wave is set up in rod in such away that there will be 3 nodes on either side of clamped point.Then the wavelength of the longitudinal wave so produced is
P/t tan20 tan40 tan80 = tan60
P/t Sin 25°Cos115°=1/2(Sin40°-1)
if α+β = 90° find the maximum and minimum values of sinα.sinβ
Can you be reached by telephone?
I'm curious if it's possible to alter a pre-made OS system? Like Windows or Apple's OS?
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A solid mixture consisted of equal parts by weight of benzoic acid, acetanilide and
copper sulfate. 1.80 g of this mixture was dissolved in 110 mL of boiling water and
slowly cooled to 0 °C. Determine the composition and percentage purity of the crystals
that formed. [Solubilities of benzoic acid, acetanilide and copper sulfate at 0 °C are
1.70, 5.30 and 316 g per litre, respectively.]
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Two floors of a store are connected by two up and down escalators
Floor 1 has 7 people& floor 2 has 12 people
There are always two people occupying each escalator
Question 1 :
If there are always 2 people on each escalator at any one moment, will the amount of people on each floor ever change?
Question 2 :
If there are always 2 people on each escalator at any one moment, will the specific people on each floor ever change ?
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___7) Suppose you are considering purchasing a vehicle and the price of a Toyota Camry is $20,000 and the cost of a new Honda motorcycle is $10,000. Meaning that for every Toyota Camry you purchase you are giving up two Honda motorcycles. Using only the information given, which of the following statements is true?
a) The relationship between motorcycles and Camry’s is positive.
b) The equation that maps this relationship is y = 1 + 2x, where y is motorcycles and x is Camry’s.
c) The relationship between Honda motorcycles and Camry’s is negative.
d) The equation that maps this relationship is y = 1 - 2x, where y is motorcycles and x is Camry’s.
If the number of carbon atom increases to thirty then what will be the number of isomers?
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