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5) let A=(2 1 0)
(1 1 4) find all the minors, co factors and the inverse of the given matrices
(-3 2 5)
A=(0 2 3) (7 6 3)
(2 1 4) and B= (1 4 5)then the value of c=2A+3B is.......
the inverse of the matrix A=(1 1)
(3 2) is.........
name the following compound

A horse and a dog are running with the same speed. If the weight of the horse is 10 times that of the dog, what is the ratio of their kinetic energy?
From the top of a bldg. 60ft high, two observers are seen on the ground. The angle of depression to the two observer are 54 degrees and 24 degrees. If the two observers and the bldg. are standing on horizontal ground and if the two observers are on the same side of the bldg. how far are the observers from each other?
I need your help how to illustrate and solve it.
2) find the valeue of k if |K 3|
|K 2K|=0
What are the [H+] and [OH-] in a 0.1moldm^-3 solution of a weak acid (Ka = 1x10^-7)?

a) [H+] = 0.1, [OH-] = 1x10^-13
b) [H+] = 0.001, [OH-] = 1x10^-11
c) [H+] = 0.0001, [OH-] = 1x10^-10
d) [H+] = 1x10^-6, [OH-] = 1x10^-8

The answer is C but I want to know why.
If A is an mxp matrix and b is pxn matrix then the order of AB is ..............
write a complete program that prompts the user to enter the side of a hexagon and display its area. the formula for computing the area of a hexagon is Area = (3√3/2 )S^2, where S is the lenght of a side and √3 is 1.732
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Thanks first of all to the expert and the service from Assignment expert! :) my assignment was done to a very well standard (too good to be honest) in a short time-frame of roughly just 16 hours..i thought $129 was very costly but considering time given it was ok. i hope with more time given in a future assignment price would be much lower because then i would def continue using Assignment Expert when something comes up :)
Arun on September 2012
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