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suppose point j has coordinate of -2 and jk=4 then what is the possible coordinate(s) for k? a)4, b)2 or -4, c)-4, d) 2 or -6

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You are the manager of a gas station in a small town in the United States, and your goal is to maximize profits. Based on your experience, the elasticity of demand of Texans for a car wash is –2, and that of non-Texans is –1.5.Your marginal cost is $6.

Are the conditions necessary for price discrimination to be an effective means of enhancing profits being met? Explain fully

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Bringing Up Baby has a monopoly in the production of step-by-step manuals for child rearing. Its total cost of producing manuals is given by TC = 12.5Q, and the demand for manuals is given by the non-linear demand, Q = 25,000P –2.
Calculate the profit maximizing price and quantity of manuals

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Suppose that sales and profits of Oly Enterprises are growing at a rate of 30% per year. At the end of 4 years (t4) the growth rate will drop to a steady 5%. Oly recently paid a dividend of $1 per share. If the required return is 20%, what is the value of one Oly share today (t0)?

(Assume dividends grow at the same rate as earnings after year 4.)

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McGonigal’s Meats, Inc. currently pays no dividends. The firm plans to begin paying dividends in 3 years (at the end of t3). The first dividend at that time will be $1 and dividends are expected to grow at 5% per annum thereafter.

Given shareholders demand a 12% return on their investments, what is the price of the

stock today (t0)?

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which is a pair of allotropes?

a)carbon-14 and carbon-12

b)iron(lll) oxide and iron(ll) oxide

c)diamond and carbon dioxide

d)molecular oxygen and ozone

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Thiocyanate (SCN-) has the potential to coordinate metals either via N-atom or S-atom linkage. Predict the coordination linkage (N-atom or S-atom) and geometry for Zn (II) and Cu (I). Can you please explain.

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Create a base class to hold information about sporting teams on campus. It should not be possible to instantiate the class. Include common characteristics such as primary coach and type of sport. Define a minimum of one virtualmethod.

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Consider the economic data for Country A:

Unemployment level of 15%
Natural Rate of Unemployment is 6%.
Required Reserves is 25%
C = 50 + 0.75Y; I = 600; G = 250
(note: T = 200 for purpose of this assignment assume Y = Yd)
Equilibrium GDP = Y = C + I + G
The full employment level of Real GDP is 4,000.
MS = 425
MD = 400 – 500r + 0.75Y
Using the Business Cycle Diagram, show this economy. Label:
The current year as Year A
Full employment level of Real GDP
The current level of Real GDP
The recessionary or inflationary gap
Natural Rate of Unemployment
Use Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply to show this economy.
Suggest and show the results of a Fiscal Policy action that will bring this economy to full employment level of Real GDP. Explain the effect on the fiscal budget and show the effect on the Money Market and the Investment Market.
Suggest, and show, a Monetary Policy action that would restore the original equilibrium level of interest. Also show the result of this Monetary Policy action on the Investment

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At the output level defining allocative efficiency:

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