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Calculate the mass/volume percent, % (m/v) for the solute in each of the following solutions.
63g of Na2SO4 in 260mL of Na2SO4 solution
38g of sucrose in 360mL of a carbonated drink
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• The car will be travelling around a bend of fixed radius: (50m / 100m / 200m / 500m)
• Car mass is 620kg.
• Centre of gravity is 2/3 rds of the way back horizontally between the wheels, and 1/3 rd of the height vertically up from the ground.
• Maximum width of car = 1.8 m (as defined by F1 regulations)
• Maximum height = 0.95 m
Coefficient of friction between the tyres and the road:
• Intermediate tyres in the dry: 0.7
• Intermediate tyres in the wet: 0.4
• Slicks in the dry: 0.9
• Slicks in the wet: 0.1

Calculate the new maximum speed for each bend radius, for each of the four tyre conditions.
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What are the common formulas for Lift & Drag?
What do they depend on? Give example use of the equations.
In Progress...
What are wingtip vortices and what causes them?
In Progress...
What is a boundary layer?
In Progress...
What causes Drag and what are the main different types of Drag?
In Progress...
4. What other shapes will generate lift?
a) Will a house brick generate lift?
b) Will a saucer?
c) Will a football?
In Progress...
3. Why is an aerofoil shaped as it is?
a) Why is it rounded and not pointed at the front
b) why is it thicker in the middle
c) Why is it tapered at the rear
d) Why is it flatter underneath, with a camber making it curve on top?
In Progress...
Explain how an aerofoil really generates lift?
In Progress...
Describe three common misconceptions about lift?
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