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Having minor homework questions or simply want to make sure your homework answers are correct? Then use our free service to get quick answers to your homework questions in mathematics, physics, programming, economics, chemistry and biology. We already have a database of multiple homework questions and answers you can look through . If you can’t find the solutions to your homework problems, then post your homework questions and find a well-formulated answer from a professional within a very short timeframe.

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Let B1={[1 1], [1 0], [1 0] and B2={[1 0], [0 1], [0 1]
[0 1] [0 1] [0 -1] } [0 0] [0 1] [0 -1] }
be 2 bases for span(B1) in M22, with the usual left to right ordering.
Let B3 be a basis for P1 and be the transition matrix from B2 to B3 giiven by [1 1 1]
[0 1 1] = PB2→B3
[0 0 1]
a) Find transition matrix PB1→B3
b) Use PB2→B3 to find B3
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Determine if the series is absolutely convergent, conditionally convergent or divergent
Σfrom m=1 to infinity {sin([(1+2m)π]/2) / (m+1))ln(m+1)}. Thanks in advanced.
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^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Find n so that vectors 2i+3j-2k,5i+nj +k and -i+2j+3k may be coplanar
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Implement the enhancements to your Survey class according to the requirements presented in the previous Discussion Board task.

To accomplish the task of further developing your Survey
class from your updated UML Class Diagram, you will need to implement the following attributes and methods:

topRatedQuestion() method
lowRatedQuestion() method
presentQuestion() method with an int parameter for the question number
Overloaded presentQuestion() method with int parameters for both the question number and Respondent ID.
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1. Calculate the standard enthalpy change for the reaction:
C2H4(g) + H2(g)→C2H6(g)
given that the enthalpy of combustion
for the reactants and products are:
∆Hºc(C2H4)(g) = -1411 kJ mol^-1∆Hºc(C2H6)(g) = -1560 kJ mol^-1∆Hºc(H2)(g) = -286 kJ mol-1.

2. Calculate the enthalpy change of
combustion for ethene gas (C2H4) given the
following enthalpy changes of formation:
∆Hºf(C2H4)(g) = +52 kJ mol^-1∆Hºf(CO2)(g) = -394 kJ mol^-1
∆Hºf(H2O)(g) = -286 kJ mol^-1

3.Calculate the standard entr
opy change for the reaction:
N2+ 3H2→2NH3
given the standard entropies
Sº(N2)(g) = 191.6 J K^-1 mol^-1
Sº(H2)(g) = 130.6 J K^-1 mol^-1
Sº(NH3)(g) = 193.3 J K^-1 mol^-1
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The hydrogen oxalate ion (HC2O4−) is amphiprotic. Write another equation showing how it acts as a base toward water.
Express your answer as a chemical equation. Identify all of the phases in your answer.
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I am working on a personal project on visual basic express 2010 and i was wondering how to add and subtract numbers together in code using buttons a user can press like a basketball scoreboard
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The weight of new born babies is normally distributed with a mean of 3.3Kg and a standard deviation of 1.2 Kg. Find the percentage of new born babies between 2 kg and 4 kg
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Towers of Hanoi (Recurssion)?
This is the Program. (I have understood how the game works, but not able to understand and trace out the PROGRAM for it.)
void towers(int n, char source, char dest, char aux);
void main()
int n;
printf("\n Enter the number of disks:");
void towers(int n, char source, char dest, char aux)
printf("\n Move Disk 1 from peg %c to peg %c",source,dest);
printf("\n Move dist %d from peg %c to peg %c\n",n,source,dest);
Please explain how i should trace the program. Also why is the return statement required inside the IF condition? (If i dont give it, it gives me error.) .
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Specify the LBA address you have given as input and show the contents of file created by this program
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