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If lower exchange rate spurs exports then why wouldn’t it be a good idea of policy
makers to intervene to push the exchange rate as low as they can. Discuss
In Progress...
1. A survey was conducted among 960 people on their opinion about President Obama’s health care proposal. The following information was collected:
a). There were 560 Democrats and 400 Republicans
b). Among the Democrats, 400 supported the President’s health care proposal and the rest didn’t.
c). Among the Republicans, 200 supported the President’s health care proposal and the rest didn’t.
Answer the following questions: (18 points)
Suppose a person is selected randomly from these 960 people
i). What is the probability that the person is a Democrat?
ii). What is the probability that the person is a Republican who doesn’t support the President’s proposal?
iii). What is the probability that the person is a Republican or the person supports the President’s proposal?
iv). What is the probability that the person supports the President’s proposal knowing that the person is a Democrat?
v). Are “being a Democrat” and “supporting the President’s proposal” independent events?
vi). Are “being a Democrat” and “supporting the President’s proposal” mutually exclusive events?
In Progress...
an explosion takes place at a distance of 3 200 metres away from sound detector that detects only the sound coming from the ground the sound detector detects the sound signals at 0.64 and 0.80 seconds after the explosion find the depth of of the soft ground
In Progress...
can you please tell me one equation of chemistry for how do hard water is converted into soft water?
In Progress...
int a=2, b=5, c;
In Progress...
What is meant by the term ‘representative government’? How is this reflected in the structure of parliament and government in Australia?
In Progress...
Distinguish between the role of the lower house, the upper house and the Crown in the Australian parliamentary system
In Progress...
The Crown operates merely as a figurehead in the Australian parliamentary system, serving no real function’. Critically evaluate this statement.
In Progress...
French philosopher Montesquieu proposed that the separation of powers was essential to protect the stability of the government and the freedom of the people. Explain the doctrine of the separation of powers and assess the extent to which it operates in the Australian legal and parliamentary system
In Progress...
‘While our Federal Parliament operated under a bicameral system, it would be a more effective law-maker if it consisted of only one house’. Discuss this statement, making reference to the roles of each of the two houses of Federal (Commonwealth) Parliament, including a consideration of the extent to which the Senate is fulfilling its role.
In Progress...
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