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Having minor homework questions or simply want to make sure your homework answers are correct? Then use our free service to get quick answers to your homework questions in mathematics, physics, programming, economics, chemistry and biology. We already have a database of multiple homework questions and answers you can look through . If you can’t find the solutions to your homework problems, then post your homework questions and find a well-formulated answer from a professional within a very short timeframe.

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A man puts $10 in the bank for his son on each of his birthdays from the first to the twentieth inclusive. If the money accumulates at 3% compound interest, what is the total value on his son's twenty first birthday?


Supposing a clock takes 7 seconds to strike 7 how long will the same clock take to strike 10?
my younger brother got this at school, shame on me, but can't match the answer. please help


Find the direction in which the function f= x^2-y^2+2xy decreases more rapidly at the point (1,1)

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The anyISP has allocated public IPv4 addresses to anyIndustries, including
addressing the link(s) to the ISP. The company’s internal network will use private IPv4 addresses For IPv6 addressing, anyISP has allocated the global unicast addresses 2001:C5/48 .

Design IPV4 Subnetting table??

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A capacitor of 10 uF and 20 uF are connected across batteries of 600 volts and 1000 volts respectively and then disconnected. They are then joined in parallel. What is the charge on each capacitor.

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any mathematical calculation to find out the diamond or graphite is a allotrope of carbon or any other allotropes.

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Use a graphical illustration to describe briefly what the influence of each of the following would be on the market supply of labour.
a) An increase in immigrants
b) A reduction in wage rates
c) More women entering the labour market
c) More students studying full-time

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focus of concave mirror is virtual or real

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1. A consumer splits their income equally between two goods. If the price of one good increases by 10% and their income increases by 5%, show that the consumer’s optimal consumption bundle will change despite them being able to afford their original bundle.

2. When estimating a demand function, explain why fitting a line of best fit through observed price and quantity combinations over time is not likely to yield good estimates.

3. If a firm uses only capital and labour, show why the cost minimising combination of inputs sets: .

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use a graphical illustration to describe what influence a reduction in wage rates will be the market supply of labour

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